3-Ton LSAC Truck

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Product Notes

The Low Signature Armored Cab (LSAC) Truck was done in Shade for the fun of it. The LSAC can be used in military, exploration or science fiction scenes.The LSAC is an armored cab converison of a standard 2 1/2- or 5-ton truck to better protect the driver and crew from IEDs, small arms fire and contaminated atmospheres. The paint and flat angles absorbs laser and radar transmissions, reducing the chances of a hit by rockets and guided missiles.The sides of the bed and tailgate of the model open and shut using Poser Parameter dials. The bed, sides and spare tire are also "removable" by using Poser Properties "Visible" dials, for those withing to make their own specialised beds or attachments. The crane actually moves as real ones do. The crane has a pivoting mast, a three section extendable boom and "cables" that can "dialed" follow the pulley block up and down in animations and for "still" pictures. The pulley block is parented to "Boom 3". For best results, set up the pulley block with the position or motion desired, then set up the cables to follow it. The 3-Ton LSAC Truck can be "repainted" any other color in the Poser Materials Room. The Alien Terrain, P6 James and helmet are available from Poser, Renderosity.com and ShareCG.com.The model is simple and low-poly for quick rendering, and renders very "dirty" in Poser.

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