Industrial Rivet Gun

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Rivets are for making things stay put. The industrial riveter is a painfuly loud, heavy, hard-recoiling tool originally designed to set "press-fit" rivets for construction and ship-building. It has a much-needed internal shock-absorbing system that occupies the entire back half of the tool. The gun was just a high-tech sledge hammer until a Navy SEAL with time on his hands (a dangerous combination) pulled the 3/4" rivets from a few rounds and reloaded them with 1/4" rivets. He and his buddies quickly found their new riveter could make all kinds of things stay put (things with engines, groups of people with guns) or make things move (doors, walls, drive sprockets off tanks). In their capable hands the "borrowed" riveter quickly grew a rubber butt plate, longer barrel and a gas-operated bolt. The manufacturer now sells both 1/4" and 3/4" loads to the military. Both Marine and Army firmly deny rumors alledging full-auto, belt-fed 1" riveters have been mounted on helicopters and anti-piracy craft.

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