Paddling Pool for Summer.

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Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

I was surprised at the number of paddling pools I could find. Lots of Swimming Pools, but almost no pad-pools (as my kids used to call them). And none remotely like the one we drag out from the shed for a day or two every summer.

So, my I offer a pad-pool, with some water in it. The water is 15cm deep, and has a slightly ruffled surface. The tubes are big enough for Zeus to sit on, just like our lovely ginger & white cat 'Rooster' did, and there are 3 different colours, blue, green and pink. So, G8F can now play with her rubber duck, and toy boat to her heart's content.

Hope you enjoy it.

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richardandtracy 2:01AM | Thu, 06 April 2023

Must admit we've never had frogs in our pad-pools, possibly because there is a proper wildlife pond within 5 metres (16ft) of where we use the pool. And, given normal British weather, it's not usually out for more than a couple of days a year.


lwperkins 10:05PM | Wed, 05 April 2023

Oh I love this! So many happy summer memories :D And frogs in the pool!


richardandtracy 5:07PM | Sat, 30 July 2022

I'm glad you like it. From my point of view, all the lovely comments have caused me to grin from ear to ear. Thank you all so much.


spdskool 5:03PM | Sat, 30 July 2022

Beauty! Cool pool, thanks!

robertswww 12:51PM | Mon, 18 July 2022

Excellent! I was looking for an inflatable pool... thanks for sharing this nice Daz 3D model!

mozzipoz 9:38AM | Mon, 04 July 2022

Thank you for sharing!


richardandtracy 2:40PM | Sun, 03 July 2022

Thank you all for your kind comments. I fear I am very domestic in my ideas. The everyday is what I see most, and what I am most likely to model/imitate.


TaishoBee 12:38AM | Sat, 02 July 2022

Goodness thats cute, thank you

akorinsikenkoy 11:09PM | Thu, 30 June 2022

I would have never thought of this idea on my own, and if I had of, I wouldn't know how to make it... so I guess I doubly thank you! Very cool!


Kilroy 2:10AM | Thu, 30 June 2022

Very nice ! Not all people can afford to own a 10ft pool ;-)


longprong 10:13AM | Wed, 29 June 2022

Very useful and thank you


richardandtracy 9:03AM | Wed, 29 June 2022

I am so glad people are finding this is useful. From Google Translate: Я так рад, что люди находят это полезным.


GrandmaT 8:47AM | Wed, 29 June 2022

This is fantastic! We actually had one exactly like this for our grandchildren when they were small. Thank you so much for the prop and the memories.

Diletant59 7:53AM | Wed, 29 June 2022

Благодарю вас Ричардандтрейси за классную работу. И душевную доброту ,


richardandtracy 5:49AM | Wed, 29 June 2022

My pleasure. Hope you find it of some use.


ashley9803 10:33PM | Tue, 28 June 2022

Thank you richardandtracy.

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