Octagonal Bowl, Teaspoon, Whip and Fruit Salad

3D Models Props Household posted on Jun 19, 2022 679 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Also needed for textures: Athletics Ground freebie https://www.renderosity.com/freestuff/items/88078/athletics-ground()

This little freebie consists of an Octagonal Bowl and accessories. There are two distinct types of contents, a fruit salad and whip. The whip is either untouched or partly eaten. I have included a teaspoon to eat the food with. There are models of the individual pieces of fruit from the salad to populate the spoon with as if eating. There are four flavours of whip, and two wearable presets for holding the spoon. The glass bowl has a size morph, but the contents are only intended for the smallest size of the bowls.

Please note, the bowl is hard to see in the Filament Preview, but when it's used with contents, it's much easier to see.

I have included 470kb (after zipping) of obj files for users of other rendering packages.

I hope this is useful.

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Freestuff Comments


MarianneR 10:28AM | Sat, 25 June 2022

Now it all works and it is beautiful! Thank you very much!


screencraft 6:37AM | Fri, 24 June 2022

Lovely! Thank you!


richardandtracy 12:16PM | Wed, 22 June 2022

That is very, very odd. I will go through everything to check, re-check and check again. I do apologize for this. I don't quite know what has happened here.


MarianneR 2:01AM | Wed, 22 June 2022

I redownloaded just now and the data files are still missing for the single fruit pieces - I just get grey blobs when I try to load them. Some of the items are also looking for missing tartan textures.


richardandtracy 4:14AM | Mon, 20 June 2022

Stargazey: Can I ask which ones? Is it the fruit? I did test the models from a memory stick & everything worked, but after the test I discovered the textures were in the wrong directory and DS must have been referring to the proper contents drive for those files. I hope it hasn't happened with the models too.

Stargazey 3:42AM | Mon, 20 June 2022

Thanks for this, looks really good. There is one problem, though, unfortunately there seems to be a lot of missing files for the bowl contents!


MarianneR 12:52AM | Mon, 20 June 2022

Thank you very much!

PhthaloBlue 5:28PM | Sun, 19 June 2022

Thanks very much!

miketee10021 11:12AM | Sun, 19 June 2022

Thank you!


GrandmaT 9:46AM | Sun, 19 June 2022

Very generous of you and beautifully done. Thank you!

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