Almost Mermaid for La Femme

3D Figure Essentials Clothing posted on Aug 29, 2021 436 downloads

Softwares: Poser Pro 11

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

A mermaid cosplay clothing for La Femme.
1 conforming pants and 2 materials for Firefly or Superfly.

These pants have no body morph but Ariel character.
Ariel La Femme by Tempesta3d

The frilled top is my free bikini. It does not have Ariel morph. I adjusted it to the character by scaling.

I have many complaints on this item. But I didn't want to continue this work anymore. I want to release this item within this muggy season. I hope you feel coolness just by looking this.

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Freestuff Comments


elleque 5:33AM | Sat, 18 September 2021

Thank you for commenting!


jan_scrapper 9:50PM | Fri, 17 September 2021

You have a G8F version!!!! Wow, wow wow!! I will check it out!! Thank you!!!!


elleque 4:24AM | Fri, 03 September 2021

My pleasure :)

thistledown 2:28PM | Thu, 02 September 2021

Thank you very much. Found your blog. Great job!


NikKelly 6:35AM | Thu, 02 September 2021

Thank you.


elleque 5:42AM | Thu, 02 September 2021

I made the G8F version. I hardly respond to requests. I don't like to make something similar, and I only want to make what I like. So please praise me grandly here :D But I didn’t post the G8F version here. I made this for cheer up Poser. The G8F version is on my blog. The URL of my blog is in my profile. Or it is described in my Readme text of my freebies. Give comment on the blog if you found bugs in the G8F version. Please do not comment here about the G8F version bug.


elleque 5:41AM | Thu, 02 September 2021

thelufias, Thank you for commenting as always. And, Semicharm, I saw your reply to my comment on your gallery. Thank you. I don't like dynamic cloth very much. But if you upload it here you can include my object.


thelufias 11:19AM | Wed, 01 September 2021

Awesome...thank you very much

thistledown 10:42AM | Wed, 01 September 2021

Coral is full mermaid - I like the 'almost mermaid' option you've done.


elleque 8:01AM | Wed, 01 September 2021

Thank you for commenting :) Semicharm, it is awesome!


RubyTuesday70 7:35AM | Wed, 01 September 2021

Oh what a cool outfit! Thank you for making so many lovely freebies, it's very generous of you!


Semicharm 5:24AM | Wed, 01 September 2021

A quick run through the cloth room and it seems to pose well enough with subdivision enabled. .


elleque 11:38PM | Tue, 31 August 2021

Thank you for commenting :) Genesis 8 Female has Coral 8 character. I wonder how many people need something like this?


Afrodite-Ohki 3:04PM | Tue, 31 August 2021

Oh this looks so much FUN! Thank you!


mininessie 11:26AM | Tue, 31 August 2021

wow! lovely one, thanks!

thistledown 9:48AM | Tue, 31 August 2021

Any plans for a Genesis 8 version?


elleque 8:58AM | Tue, 31 August 2021

Thank you Semicharm for the wonderful image! I believed it would be easy to transplant the JCMs to a tight clothing, but not. And, this clothing doesn't have enough polygons for the dynamic cloth.


Semicharm 3:01AM | Tue, 31 August 2021

Yeah, getting those JCMs working right on skin tight clothes can be a PITA. Still had fun trying it out :D Perhaps it would work better with dynamic cloth? I might try converting later if I get the time.


elleque 10:23PM | Mon, 30 August 2021

I'm happy that you like this. Always thank you for your comment :)


bwldrd 7:51PM | Mon, 30 August 2021

Very pretty, Thank you very much.

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