Feet Lock/Unlock script for ALL Genesis Figures (v1.1)

Tools posted on Dec 09, 2020 1196 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures: Genesis

License: This is licensed for non-commercial use only.

Product Notes

Are you like me, getting tired of your foot pose getting manipulated by a preset pose for your figure. You'd have to find a pose file for the heels or boots, and apply the pose. Also, if you like the feet pose locked before you apply the pose, you'd have to select the entire left and right foot hierarchy and lock the pose before applying the preset pose, thus after, repeat the same process for UNLOCKING the feet. That's so many clicks. Fortunately there is a script to help you save time. This script will allow you to lock the feet entirely under 1 click, then you simply apply a preset pose as the feet will be left intact. Once you're happy with your pose, with just a click, this will instantly unlock the feet pose, and you can make minor adjustments whenever needed to. Perfect for complex poses. This also comes with separate lock/unlock scripts for figures, if you are willing to add to a Custom Action without using the main script.

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ecurbsemaj 4:37PM | Thu, 16 June 2022

Thank You!


pobble 1:35PM | Sun, 12 June 2022

OMG, thank you!

leeduva 5:56PM | Sun, 28 February 2021


Mr_Burns 12:31PM | Thu, 25 February 2021

Thank you very much for this free script, it saves me so much time and anoying work!


Coleman 6:11PM | Sat, 19 December 2020

Thanks a lot!!


faibol 2:34AM | Thu, 17 December 2020

Thanks a lot, very useful script


N_RArts 3:56PM | Sat, 12 December 2020

Personally, this is a **must have**. Thank you for sharing.


dbwalton 4:31PM | Fri, 11 December 2020

Looks nice. Thank you.

miketee10021 2:32PM | Fri, 11 December 2020

Thank you!

Intlgrafx 10:55AM | Fri, 11 December 2020

Just spent too many hours dealing with this very issue - and I'm not done with it yet. .. Hoping this will be a lifesaver. hank you and Merry Christmas.

truthordare 6:46AM | Fri, 11 December 2020

Fantastic utility! Thank you!


selias19 5:47AM | Thu, 10 December 2020

Great idea. Thank you.