BWasher III

3D Models posted on Aug 05, 2018 424 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This is an update of an older version of the Brainwasher because I get info that some of the files did not work properly any more.
I took the opportunity to include some recent additions to the package, but the usage stays the same:
Sooner or later each mad scientist, who wants to rule the world, will need a brain washer to turn the ambassadors wife into his willing spy or to convince the hero to snaffle the crown jewels - but I am sure that YOU may find a lot of additional uses....Here is the necessary equipment, a heavy and a medium strong construction.Unzip and place in your DAZ content folder.PLEASE REPORT PROBLEMS:
nice renders

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Freestuff Comments


android65mar 3:38PM | Wed, 03 October 2018

thank you- will come in very handy for brain washing poser people!

AbelUndercity 6:20PM | Mon, 06 August 2018

Und now ve vill turn zis rabbit into a chicken...

WILL_I_AM 10:57PM | Sun, 05 August 2018

wow. This takes me back. it was one of the first things I downloaded and the first thing I converted to use in Poser for a comic takeoff of Gilligans island mind swap episode.

T0mcat00 4:31PM | Sun, 05 August 2018

Nowadays it looks as if some minds should be thoroughly scrubbed at least daily!


nobodyinparticular 2:28PM | Sun, 05 August 2018

Thank you. A clean mind is a healthy mind.

miketee10021 2:16PM | Sun, 05 August 2018

Thank you!