AS-42 Desert Reconnaisance Car

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The AS-42 Desert Reconnaisance Car is based on the WWII Italian reconnaisance vehicle and was done in Shade for the fun of it. The AS-42 was a desert reconnaissance and patrol vehicle used in WWII by the Italian armiy, then the German army, and everyone else that could capture one.The AS-42 is based on the successful armored car of the AS-40 series. It is large enough to carry a 37mm cannon and up to three machineguns.As the ultimate Italian desert survival vehicle, it carried gas and water cans every place the crew and other tools did not occupy. AS-42's were used into the 1950's as internal security vehicles.The rear sand channels are removable or can be made invisible in the Poser Properties pallet.The center rear sand channel can be used to show getting the vehicle unstuck. The guns Are movable.The "wheel spokes" can revolve, simulating rolling wheels.The rear fender skirts can be removed or made invisible in the Poser Properties pallet, but it does look a bit like a desert sports car with them on. A Driver pose based on Poser 6 James is included. The model is simple and low-poly for quick rendering.As with all Shade-made objects, the AS-42 will render best if colored darkly in the Poser Materials room. The object files are included.

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