SDkfz 363 Armored Car

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Operating System(s): Windows XP, Windows Vista

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Product Notes

The SDkfz 363 Armored Car is loosely based on the WWII German SDkfz 263 reconnaisance vehicle and was done in Shade for the fun of it. The SDkfz 263 was a reconnaissance and patrol vehicle used in WWII by the German army. It was actually called the "Funkwagon".The SDkfz 363 is based on the successful armored car of the SDkfz 200 series. It is large enough to carry four men, a command radio and machinegun.The front machine gun swivels and elevates. The other bulges can be rotated out as machineguns as well.The model is simple and low-poly for quick rendering.As with all Shade-made objects, the SDkfz 363 will render best if colored darkly in the Poser Materials room. The object files are included.

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