Flintlock Mechanism

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Product Notes

Here and there I see 3D models of flintlock pistols made by graphic designers who have no idea how they work. The artists use these models in images (pirates, soldiers, etc.) which is very detrimental to the realism of them.
I offer you a realistic mechanism of flintlock weapons (invented in 1630 and used for almost two centuries)
It is an OBJ file. You can adapt it to any model of historical weapons from this period.
The inspiration for this one is the 1777 rifle of the French armies, but the variations are minor with regard to the other weapons of the same period.
(Regarding the historical realism of your images, firearms after approximately 1830 no longer use this mechanism.)
PS: Excuse me for my English. This language is not my cup of tea

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Freestuff Comments

T0mcat00 3:50PM | Thu, 11 June 2020

Looks really nice. Too bad that it doesn't seem to have any movable parts, as i would loved to use it to refit it to some flintlock weapons I got in my runtime