Medieval River Quarry

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Product Notes

Detailed poly mesh model of a medieval building. Riverside Quarry Building with exterior and interior fully textured model. Modelled tested in Unity. Approximately 3 asset pieces, this is to allow more high-resolution texturing.

Detailed UV-Mapping up to 4096x4096 to allow quality textures. Software’s like Photoshop can be used to reduce at the cost of losing texture quality.

This is a continuing project to understand and learn to create models for Unity gaming at.

Faces: 183,487
Verts: 193,778
Tris: 369,394

Object size: 28.8
FBX: 7.55

Created and tested in Blender


25 UV Maps including PNG base maps.

Comments welcome to help improve on future models.


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paul_gormley 2:18AM | Sat, 14 August 2021

this looks outstanding, many thanks for you kindness


Crios 2:40AM | Wed, 27 January 2021

It's really great, like your other free items


mtdana 9:49PM | Sun, 10 January 2021

Thank You!


carollee 11:29AM | Mon, 31 August 2020

Thanks for sharing


Torquinox 8:25PM | Sun, 23 June 2019

Looks great! Thanks


starlitemoon 2:49PM | Thu, 20 June 2019

This looks wonderful, thank you so much

Lukon100 12:27PM | Thu, 20 June 2019

Cool! Here's my first Daz Studio IRay render of it along with helpful notes on loading the texture images on it:


bobbystahr 7:41AM | Wed, 19 June 2019

Lovely, thanks very much.

magicmagda 12:35AM | Wed, 19 June 2019

thank you , so good


BBarbs 10:01PM | Tue, 18 June 2019

Very cool !! Thanks so much. !!

Miscreate 6:35PM | Tue, 18 June 2019

Impressive work. Thank you for sharing it.


poisinivy 6:29PM | Tue, 18 June 2019

impressive hanks for sharing


Damsel 11:11AM | Tue, 18 June 2019

You are doing terrific job! Please do not stop! <img class="emojione" alt="&#x1f60d;" title=":heart_eyes:" src=""/>


tweedledumart 1:27AM | Tue, 18 June 2019

Thanks very much!