Terra Locomotive 3

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Operating System(s): Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

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Product Notes

In our alternative past, intelligent men made mass transportaion possible by making a steam engine run on tracks.Other intelligent men put the tracks on the locomotive and cars rather than on the ground. Add a blade for making a way where there is none and you have the perfect Steampunk vehicle for exploring the vast uncharted plains of the western continent. The model has a "winged" blade for pushing things aside and a "straight" blade for bulldozer work. Both of the blades raise and lower, and the front tracks steer, using Poser Parameter dials.Also included is a tracked running gear that can be parented to any rail car to make most all 3D train cars into "Terra Train" cars. The included tender uses this kit.The model is simple and low-poly for quick rendering. It should render looking rather dirty in Poser.

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