Combine Harvester

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Operating System(s): Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux

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Product Notes

Here's a Combine Harvester for grain and corn harvesting. The Combine was done in Shade for the fun of it. It should render looking rather dirty in Poser. The combine is scaled for P6/P7, V3/M3 and V4/M4 characters. It has both wheat and corn headers that lift and lower. The headers and header parts can be "changed out" (made invisible or visible) in the Poser Properties pallet. The grain header has a rotating reel. The tires turn and the rear tires steer. The transfer auger swings out to load wagons and trailers with harvested grain.A "4-wheel Drive" version can be made by copying the big front drive tires, scaling them down to fit the back (using the Poser Parameter dials) and parenting them in place.for extra floatation in soft fields, an extra pair of big drive tires can be made by copying the big ones and moving the copies out beside the originals.A "Driver" pose based on P6 James is included.The model is simple and low-poly for quick rendering.

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