3000-Ton Mobile Crane

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Operating System(s): Windows XP, Windows Vista

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Product Notes

The 3000-Ton Crane is a very loosely patterned after the enormously huge and powerful Lampson 2600T mobile crane, now the biggest in the world. The crane can swing and move on its two tracked bases, just like the real ones do. The tackle block, lift cables and boom can raise and lower. The two crawler units swivel to provide mobility. The boom stay can be lengthened and shortened as the boom lifts and lowers.More weights can be added by copying and parenting one a few times. The triangular "middle link" (big triangular part) provides the swinging control. Click the rear crawler to move the entire crane.All motions are controlled by the appropriately labeled dials in the Poser Parameters pallets.It might be a bit complicated to operate. Not as complicated as making V4 dance, but should be impressive when animated. Pictures are included to help make it move realistically.The model is fairly simple and low-poly for quick rendering.

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