Show Scale Dials V4

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Operating System(s): Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Linux

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

"ScaleShowAllV4.pz2"Is a utility pose to reveal all the scale dials in the DAZ "Victoria 4.2" character. It will also reveal the translate dials in the eyes. Please note that this package does NOT contain a pose to re-hide the dials.After applying the pose, it will be necessary to select a diffrent actor in order to refresh the parameter pallet and reveal the scale dials.NOTES:Using the x, y, and z, scale dials in the various body parts may not always give the expected results. This is mostly due to the influence of the (hidden) 'smoothScale' channels. For examlpe increasing the xScale of V4's feet to %200 will have very little if any affect on the feet, but it will increase the xScale of the shins, where as increasing the xScale of the toes will scale both the toes and the feet. Changing the scale of a body part may also adversly effect the way it, or its neighboring body parts rotate. For example, try setting the xScale of the chest to 80%, then set the Up-Down of the Shoulders to 60, you will see a nasty kink in the upper arms. It is probably for reasons like this that DAZ decided to hide most of the scale dials in V4. Still there are some circumstances where scaling can be used without bad effects. The morral is; use scaling with care, and always check to see if it has adrersly affected joint rotations. Even when there are adverse affects on rotations, they can sometimes be overcome or mitigated by adjustments to the joint paramiters, or by translating the affected part.INSTALLATION:Extract the zip to your main Poser folder, e.g. "Poser 6". The "ScaleShowAllV4.pz2" file will be placed in the path:"Runtime\libraries\Pose\Utility Poses\V4 Utility"The "ScaleShowAllV4.txt" (this file) will be placed in the "ReadMe's" folder.Alternatively, extract the zip to a tempory folder, and move the files to any pose folder.LICENCE:I place the "ShowScaleAllV4.pz2" in the public domain. You are free to do as you chose with it, including hosting, modification, and redistribution.Les Bentley,15/April/2009.

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