Soda Pop! Shaders

Materials posted on Feb 26, 2023 260 downloads

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Product Notes

Thirsty? Tired of those boring old water shaders being the only thing your characters can drink? Well, say no more!

With Soda Pop! Shaders, you have 20 choices of beverages to fill up your cup and give you that sugar buzz you've been looking for! What? Off-brand? No, no, these are totally unique soda brands! Names like Dr. Peppy and Mountain Moisture are just coincidence! ;)

Please enjoy!

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Freestuff Comments


TaishoBee Online Now! 11:27PM | Sat, 20 May 2023

The promo is great and I love the names XD Thank you


ashley9803 1:13PM | Thu, 02 March 2023

These are great. Thank you PHEA!


ccbn213 4:44PM | Tue, 28 February 2023

Wonderful shaders but it came with an empty texture file. Thank you.


Tora-no-shi1369 9:38PM | Mon, 27 February 2023

Love your shaders. Thank you for these and your tea shaders.