Adventurer clothes for Genesis 8 Males updated

3D Figure Essentials Clothing posted on Jan 10, 2022 800 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Male

License: This is licensed for non-commercial use only.

Product Notes

UPDATE: I think I have fixed the texture problems! I am re-uploading.

My 9 year old son is super into this popular video game, and I was inspired to make an outfit for G8M! It comes with hat, boots, pants, belt, a tie for the shirt, and the shirt. It blows up in dforce. I've tested it in Daz Studio, it probably won't work in Poser. The hat, for whatever reason, won't dforce either, but that's okay. I've made it to fit the free Walther hair found at ShareCG.

This is considered fan art. It should not be used in commercial renders without the permission of the copyright holders.

PM me with problems here or at Daz.

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perlk 10:16AM | Mon, 28 November 2022

I'll make it my next project! I've been really sick recently but hopefully I'll be feeling better soon!


atrion 8:31PM | Fri, 25 November 2022

I posted the link in a comment, I'd LOVE 2 see an updated dforce version :)


atrion 5:12PM | Fri, 25 November 2022

go 2 this dforce tutorial for beginers


perlk 2:48PM | Fri, 18 February 2022

Oh... well that's good to know :-)


atrion 5:36PM | Tue, 15 February 2022

another note, the video game character is left handed ;)


atrion 5:35PM | Tue, 15 February 2022

I found out the problem, the transfer utility settings weren't right, so I turned em into props and used transfer and now they look fine with every pose I put on g8, could I upload em here, I combined them in a wearable file so there only needs to be one file to load everything onto g8


atrion 11:30AM | Thu, 13 January 2022

nvm, didn't read the whole thing, I don't have anything that'll do dforce...


perlk 2:59PM | Tue, 11 January 2022

You're quite welcome, ilanea!


ilanea 2:53PM | Tue, 11 January 2022

I LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU! I had to mash different items together to do my image. Check it out in my profile.


perlk 12:10PM | Tue, 11 January 2022

@atrion - this is how I got it to move: 1. Load Genesis 8 Male; 2. Click on the clothing item you want to add from your library. Once it loads, right click on it from the Scene Viewport and select "Fit Shirt to..." and when the box pops up, select Genesis 8 Male, ensure "Parent To Target" is checked" 3. Re-select Genesis 8 Male from the Scene Viewport and add your pose.


thelufias 9:47AM | Tue, 11 January 2022

Thank you very much....Looks super.


atrion 8:17AM | Tue, 11 January 2022

no, the clothes don't move when I add a pose, they stay in the same places..


perlk 6:09AM | Tue, 11 January 2022

@snginc - Yes, so that's why I didn't check off the "OK for commercial renders" box. @Leilana - You're welcome! @atrion - It's very possible you might have poke through, and you may not be able to use extreme poses with this outfit. However, if you fit it to Genesis 8, you should be able to get it to look somewhat unwarped when posing. It's not perfect, and that's why I don't sell this stuff - I'm not very good yet :-)


atrion 4:20AM | Tue, 11 January 2022

the clothes don't follow the pose I'm trying....


Leilana 2:49AM | Tue, 11 January 2022

Thank you very much! It looks very, very good!


snginc 5:01PM | Mon, 10 January 2022

In the license section you have: This is licensed for non-commercial use only. So I do understand why you put: It should not be used in commercial renders without the permission of the copyright holders.