Free Vellus Hair for Genesis 8 Female

3D Figure Essentials posted on Aug 08, 2020 7190 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for non-commercial use only.

Product Notes

This is a simple DAZ 4.11+ strand hair preset for Genesis 8 Female, located in \People\Genesis 8 Female\Anatomy\Sangriart.
To modify the preset, load and select it in your scene, go to Properties: Misc: Fit to... and select your figure, then choose Edit -> Object -> Edit Strand-Based Hair... in the program menu. You can also tweak surface settings. This item is not for redistribution, commercial renders are OK.

Promo character is W.I.P.

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Freestuff Comments


g1tip 8:14AM | Fri, 09 July 2021

Thank you very much !!!

goodwinds 10:16PM | Mon, 19 April 2021

To those who get only red dots when loading the preset: - Scene --> select Genesis 8 - My DAZ 3D Library --> Genesis 8 --> Anatomy --> Sangriart --> Vellus Hair - Scene --> select Vellus Hair - Parameters tab --> Misc. --> Fit to --> select your Gen8 character in the drop down - Top Bar --> Edit --> Object --> Edit Strand Based Hair Cheers!

xmightybrando 11:11AM | Sat, 02 January 2021

why i only have dots hair?


59Burst 7:31PM | Wed, 30 December 2020

Thank you very much!

TheBitterGent 1:28AM | Fri, 25 December 2020

Thank you muchly, and Merry Christmas.

TheBitterGent 1:26AM | Fri, 25 December 2020

I totally passed this up the first time I saw it because of the licensing info. Didn't get to the fine print.

jtw62074 2:09PM | Tue, 03 November 2020

Noob here. I unzipped into my Daz 3D folder where people and genesis 8 and the rest are. In Daz3D all I see are a bunch of red dots. What could I have done wrong?


bucee 3:49AM | Sat, 10 October 2020

Thank you

MissePurple 10:50PM | Sat, 26 September 2020

wonderful work ! Thank you so much for sharing.


rsand55 4:43PM | Sun, 20 September 2020

Very generous!


CHK2033 1:38PM | Thu, 03 September 2020

Thank you :)

mifdesign 4:32PM | Mon, 31 August 2020

Wonderful hair! Thank you very much for your hard work and beautiful 3D assets! Very good artists here and wonderful people as well, I love that.


shedofjoy 7:43AM | Sat, 29 August 2020

Excellent, thank you

triniarin 5:13AM | Thu, 27 August 2020

Its always fun who are prototype for some models and how much they similar. I really think is Ekaterina are based on some famous actresse but... (ah found, its Elle Fanning) Thank you for hair and for guessing game) (still dont know who is Claudine)

akorinsikenkoy 8:00PM | Wed, 26 August 2020

Very much appreciated!!


Guardian_Angel_671 3:13PM | Sun, 23 August 2020

thank you :)


diamonddash 11:02AM | Sat, 22 August 2020

Thank you, so much.

Magnus272 Online Now! 9:26AM | Tue, 18 August 2020

Thanks again. Btw, when do you expect to have this G8F character in the store?

Sbiz1 6:16PM | Mon, 17 August 2020

The Girl looks like Sydsanp XD


infinity10 7:05AM | Mon, 17 August 2020

Nice render as well !

Lensdemon 8:20PM | Sun, 16 August 2020

Thank you


already_taken 10:27AM | Sun, 16 August 2020

Thank you

Magnus272 Online Now! 7:10AM | Wed, 12 August 2020

Thank you. I think this hair product was also used in the promo pic for Cerubit's new "Rose HD and Expressions for G8F" product in the Daz store. Btw, love the realistic peach fuzz on the face of Elle, I mean your new WIP character.

Greymom 8:55AM | Tue, 11 August 2020

Many thanks!


SilverDolphin 12:46AM | Mon, 10 August 2020

Looks like Dakota's little sister. Great work! Thanks for freebie.


Damsel 10:19PM | Sun, 09 August 2020

Thank you so much, and that character is perfect!


chriscox 6:41PM | Sun, 09 August 2020

Nice.... Thanks


MarkCM 5:48PM | Sun, 09 August 2020

Thanks and I look forward to seeing your WIP in the store.

LeoGB 10:17AM | Sun, 09 August 2020

Let's add a touch or realism to our renders. Thank you very much for the freebie!

barbzthorpe 9:45AM | Sun, 09 August 2020

Stunning render and thank you!


Palaemon 7:44AM | Sun, 09 August 2020

Thank you!

PhthaloBlue 4:58PM | Sat, 08 August 2020

Thank you very much!:smile:

ebygum 1:44PM | Sat, 08 August 2020

Thank you!