Lolo Bot

3D Models posted on Mar 09, 2019 1008 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Here's a chibi robot figure based on chibi figure Lolo Hai.

The eyes are an 8x8 LED matrix so you can control the eye expressions with a simple 8x8 pixel texture image.

Use as you please (not responsible if Lolo Bot short circuits and goes crazy, please consult your Old Glory Robot Insurance policy before using figure)

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Freestuff Comments


PinkCloudSlippers 10:24AM | Sat, 10 June 2023

Thank you for the Lolo robot! Looks very cute!


carollee 11:53AM | Mon, 31 August 2020

Thanks for sharing.

Diletant59 3:01PM | Sun, 21 June 2020

Большое спасибо За классную работу !


GhastlyH 12:42AM | Sat, 05 October 2019

No it's a stand alone figure. Perhaps the zip file didn't merge properly with your library folder.

Dannos 3:40AM | Mon, 23 September 2019

I'm guessing this requires lolo hai? tried it and it couldn't find the mesh. looks good though

barbzthorpe 7:57AM | Mon, 18 March 2019

Thank You!........Stunning work as usaual and Lolo Bot is a cutie.


GhastlyH 1:28AM | Fri, 15 March 2019

From what I understand there is a way to export a Daz rigged figure in a poser compatible format. But I don't have Poser to test this. Daz is free so you could always get Daz and then export it if you're a poser user.


inaani 11:22AM | Thu, 14 March 2019

Danke ;)

CyberGenie 7:27PM | Wed, 13 March 2019

Would love a Poser version of her. Not everyone uses Daz Studio.


TrekkieGrrrl 3:51PM | Wed, 13 March 2019

Is there an OBJ file included? If there is, it would be fairly easy to re-rig it for Poser, it being a robot and therefore "stiff". I know I could just download it and see, but ... Anyway it's supercute. And WAAH I don't use DS :(


Mechins 3:56PM | Tue, 12 March 2019

Lovely bot! thank you so much for sharing ^^


ret2go 11:28PM | Mon, 11 March 2019

Thank you, a real cutie :)


GhastlyH 4:13AM | Sun, 10 March 2019

Sadly I don't have Poser so I have no way of testing figures exported from Daz Studio in the Poser format. But if anyone can convert this figure (or any of my other works for that matter) into Poser format please feel free to do so and distribute it. Share the wealth I always say.

Miscreate 9:40PM | Sat, 09 March 2019

Thank you, ghastly! When did you start doing cute? smiley:

magicmagda 8:24PM | Sat, 09 March 2019

thank you so much / too cute to resist


Divamakeup 6:21PM | Sat, 09 March 2019

Thank you for uploading her here. I tried downloading it ShareCG but there appears to be something wrong with the site as I've not been able to download anything from there (and from reading the comments there I'm not the only one). Lolo bot looks really cute. Thank you for sharing her with the community. <img class="emojione" alt="&#x1f604;" title=":smile:" src=""/>

brianka 4:13PM | Sat, 09 March 2019

She looks so cute! Thank you so much.


JackyBrown 3:16PM | Sat, 09 March 2019

Beautiful! Thank you very much!


thelufias 12:25PM | Sat, 09 March 2019

Thank you very much


A_Sunbeam 4:27AM | Sat, 09 March 2019

I would love a Poser version of her!


guy91600 3:25AM | Sat, 09 March 2019

thank you for this new version of Lolo