3D Figure Essentials posted on Dec 12, 2015 2607 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures: Genesis 2 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Hi all.
Been busy quite a bit. I wish you a great Christmas Time. Here's my Gift.
It contains of the Following:
- A gymnastic Dress that can be changed into a Skating dress with skirt, can change colours, it can also be worn as long dress, all made up from one piece. Of course it has the "Fold", "Drop" and "Hang" morphs and some more.
- A training dress made of 2 parts, trousers and jacket. Jacket can be opened and both pieces also have the "Drop", "Fold" and "Hang" morphs
- A bag that can be opened to put the cloth inside
- A towel with several fold morphs.
All cloth have several material sets and the Gymnastic dress has also options to hide arms and legs and the collar if needed.
At the moment, I struggle with the rigging of the skirt, as soon as that is fixed, I can release the set. Here's a sneak apeak already.
Hope you like it. I hope I didnt mess with all the Files, its such a huge package. Let me know if something's missing.

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daybird 8:55AM | Sat, 18 February 2017

Wow, that is better than many commercial stuff! THX a lot.


Humanoid25 11:24PM | Sat, 04 June 2016

amazing stuff


rachris480907 10:42AM | Wed, 17 February 2016

Thank you! :)


braincells 4:04AM | Wed, 17 February 2016

Thank you for this. Teh folding morphs are awesome as well!

daynar 9:50PM | Sat, 06 February 2016



TwiggiSune 8:47PM | Thu, 04 February 2016

Nice! Thank you!

skiextreme2 4:50AM | Tue, 12 January 2016

Thank you, hope your holidays were GREAT!


Saruna-Original 5:52AM | Tue, 05 January 2016

Thank you so much! :)

Beat578 12:24AM | Tue, 05 January 2016

Hm, Sorry I have no Idea. I quit using V4 for G2 quite a while. The only thing i could imagine is using the V4 clone in Genesis to create a morph to fit the Clothing... Or if you use Poser, you could try the Clothing Room to fit it. I also found a Tutorial on converting cloth to V4 from G2, but it's rather complicated i fear: http://forum.runtimedna.com/showthread.php?100621-Converting-Genesis-X-Clothing-to-V4 Hope that helps.

flibbits 11:29PM | Mon, 04 January 2016

Is there a way to use this with V4/V4.2 or other older characters?

Trakem 1:33PM | Fri, 25 December 2015

This is exceptional. Thank you so much!


chriscox 12:27PM | Fri, 25 December 2015

Looks Great... Thanks


MarianneR 2:59PM | Sat, 19 December 2015

Very nice! Thank you very much!

nobody85 7:10AM | Fri, 18 December 2015

Great! Thank you very much. Merry Christmas to you!


Crudelitas 1:57PM | Sun, 13 December 2015

Thank you so much! Very nice set!


EardrumManna 10:49AM | Sun, 13 December 2015

Thx!!! Merry Christmas :)


Hajoba 10:03AM | Sun, 13 December 2015

Okay, with Part2 it works fine. Thanks a lot!

herhey2000 9:11AM | Sun, 13 December 2015

Great gift, thank you.

Beat578 3:27AM | Sun, 13 December 2015

I will Update them later it seems there are die uv s missing. Thanks for the comments, glad you like it.

melchiorinos 2:07AM | Sun, 13 December 2015

Thak you , and merry Xmas :)


ClockworkEros 1:30AM | Sun, 13 December 2015

Many thanks; this looks very cool!


ashley9803 11:08PM | Sat, 12 December 2015

Thank you very much. These are all very good.