Just Horns for M4

3D Models Props posted on Sep 06, 2012 864 downloads Sponsor: Cool Tuna Studio

Softwares: Poser 7+

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This is a pack of 6 parented horn props fitted to DAZ3d's M4. They were originally made for FemaSu PAE, but I thought, "Why not?" So here they are, with new fits and Poser shaders, set for M4. Two props (positions) are supplied for each set of horns.TO USE:Unzip to your Poser folder and everything should go into the proper folders. With M4 in your scene and selected, go to the Props library and select a prop file in the "M4" folder within the "CoolTuna" folder. Only one material is supplied, but if you are bold, you can open the Advanced tab in the Poser Materials room and change the colors in the Cloud nodes. Texture templates are included in the Textures folder for the ambitious.None of this is tested in Studio, which I do not own and do not want to use, thanks for asking. You can always adjust the included texture maps, adding color, if you like. :)Created using Silo, Modo, Poser Pro2012, Photoshop CS6, and various Dimension3d tools (yay!).

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Freestuff Comments

Groade 5:37PM | Mon, 09 June 2014

Very cool!  Thanks for posting these :) 


caty77 10:06AM | Mon, 25 February 2013

Thank you! It will be useful for my Melhoths :)


Thetis 7:06AM | Thu, 13 September 2012

fabulous! thank you very much


TheOwl68 6:39PM | Fri, 07 September 2012

Can't have too many sets of horns =) I love your OniHorns, btw, they are a permanent fixture on my M4 character, Timor. Thanks so much for these!


nobodyinparticular 5:21PM | Fri, 07 September 2012

Thank you very much for these.


thelufias 7:39AM | Fri, 07 September 2012

Thank you very mcuh.....

Pajama 4:03AM | Fri, 07 September 2012

Thank you :)


Tessalynne 3:43AM | Fri, 07 September 2012

Many thanks for sharing your awesome M4 goodies with us all.


yoshi39 12:24AM | Fri, 07 September 2012

many thanks!


Wenchie 12:23AM | Fri, 07 September 2012

I love them! These will be perfect for my Halloween and Fantasy needs. Bless your generous heart for sharing your talent with us.


RAMWolff 11:37PM | Thu, 06 September 2012

NICE horns hon. Going to try to get these, with my little tutorial for fitting props to Genesis, fitted to Genesis. They will actually scale with how I do it so fingers crossed! :-)