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SmartTablet prop for M4 and V4This quick and dirty tablet prop will fill in where you need an iPad but don't necessarily want it to be exactly that. Low poly, no frills, that's mine--LOL. But it's shiny and glossy and has something on the screen and two buttons. The materials are Poser shaders, but the basic texture should work fine in DAZ Studio. This is very easy to texture, so you can make any screen or frame color you like! There are five material zones to play with, too. :)The tablet comes in at zero position, as well as smart-propped to the left hand of either M4 or V4 (three different prop files). There are ALSO hand poses for M4 and V4 to get you started.I have not tested this in DAZ Studio, which I don't have. But you are provided with a texture map and UV template, that's what counts.Made using Silo, Modo, Photoshop CS4, and Poser Pro2012.TO USE:Unzip to your main Poser folder and everything should go into the proper folders.

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NikKelly 8:00PM | Fri, 22 November 2019

Thank you. This isn't an iPad, an ST:PADD or any of the obvious clones, so it is *perfect* for an alt-world scene... FWIW, I managed to open the template EPS using versatile IrfanView with the recommended 'GhostScript' plug-in.

NessBird 12:17AM | Wed, 14 February 2018

Hm...maybe it's out of date now? In DAZ 4.10, I can't find it in the Content Library. I'm not using M4 or V4, but it should still work, right?

Greymom 11:50AM | Thu, 19 January 2017

Many thanks!


rooks 10:13PM | Sat, 04 August 2012

looks good -- thank you for sharing


Navi 11:24PM | Tue, 24 July 2012

Thanks :)

banditjack 8:56AM | Sun, 29 April 2012

thanks for sharing!


renecyberdoc 11:22AM | Sun, 08 April 2012

this looks excellent man and it loads flawless into daz studio.i tested in daz 4pro works fine.


jrrogers81 2:27PM | Sat, 07 April 2012



dagaffer 10:50AM | Sat, 07 April 2012

hey! don't forget Daz is giving away studio 4 pro for free till the end of this month!!

PilotHigh 10:37AM | Sat, 07 April 2012



Azhrarn 10:04AM | Sat, 07 April 2012

You make the nicest toys! :D


yoshi39 12:46AM | Sat, 07 April 2012

Many thanks!

Ometeotl 11:16PM | Fri, 06 April 2012

Thanks for sharing!


ashley9803 11:16PM | Fri, 06 April 2012

Excellent. I made one of my own, but this looks better.

B0rgy1 10:06PM | Fri, 06 April 2012

Perfect timing! Thanks for this!!