"Damnation" Troop Carrier 5

3D Models Props posted on Aug 28, 2011 129 downloads

Operating System(s): Windows XP, Windows Vista

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Product Notes

The "Damnation" Troop Carrier 5 was done in Poser for the fun of it. It should render as rather dirty in Poser. On the other hand, the resulting camo pattern looks rather neat.The Troop Carrier is based on the Steampunk machines shown in the "Damnation" computer game. It can be used in a similar alternative future situation, to go get groceries or make your own drive-thru at the local beer store. Parkng it might be a problem...or park it anywhere you like. The model is as simple as I could make it and still resemble the original "Damnation" machine. Now if someone could please tell me how to kill the "boss" at the end of "Damnation" without getting shot or stepped on?current002000@yahoo.com

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