Dforce 1940s inspired Men's Suit for G8M

3D Figure Essentials Clothing posted on Apr 23, 2023 684 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Male, Genesis 8.1 Male

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

At long last...I started modeling this suit about a month ago, and it has been a labor of love. It includes trousers (which have a belt built in), shoes (with socks built in), a button-up vest, a sweater vest, a shirt, a tie (1 for the vest, 1 to wear just with shirt), a jacket, and a handkerchief. The jacket, suit vest and pants have morphs to help fit better.

There are 4 different shirt colors, 3 different suit textures, 3 different sweater vests, 2 different belt colors, 2 different shoe colors, simulation settings, and some utilities to hide for poke-through.

Some caveats - first and foremost, read the readme! I write these things to help you get the best results possible.

Second - this is not 100% historically accurate. It is inspired by the 1940's.

Third - it isn't perfect. You may get poke-through or explosions with extreme poses. This is what Photoshop is for!

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Lassie24 4:08AM | Sun, 30 April 2023

Thank you very much

barbzthorpe 5:43AM | Thu, 27 April 2023

Looks FANTASTIC great job! Thanx U x


richardandtracy 9:01AM | Tue, 25 April 2023

Magnificent. Just remarkable. Thank you.

mozzipoz 2:17AM | Tue, 25 April 2023

Thank you very much!


perlk 12:16PM | Mon, 24 April 2023

You're welcome, everyone! Enjoy!

miketee10021 11:26AM | Mon, 24 April 2023

Thank you!

herhey2000 10:01AM | Mon, 24 April 2023

Looks great, Thank you.

Rozsakert 9:58AM | Mon, 24 April 2023

Thank you very much.

montrealfilmguy 9:04AM | Mon, 24 April 2023

That second one looks dapper as heck. Thanks again for another wonderful freebie.


pchef 4:50AM | Mon, 24 April 2023

Thank you

MIRCEEA 11:54PM | Sun, 23 April 2023

Great job!


SmidA Online Now! 10:38PM | Sun, 23 April 2023

Wow, that looks great. Thank you!


jonnybode 9:44PM | Sun, 23 April 2023

Awesome, thank you!