Sheldrake for M4

3D Figure Essentials Morphs and Deformers posted on Apr 19, 2021 322 downloads

Softwares: Poser 7+

Base Figures: Michael 4

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Head morph for Michael 4.
Requires DAZ Michael 4 and DAZ Morphs++ for Michael 4.

INJ and REM PZ2 files only.

Tested in Poser 11 and Poser 12.

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Freestuff Comments


thelufias 3:53PM | Sat, 01 May 2021

Looks great and thank you for sharing....tis very kind of you...


jackwryan 3:29PM | Thu, 22 April 2021

Thanks for the info. I doubt that I know enough about Poser to try changing nodes. I just enjoy playing wit Poser, so I'll try playing around with this and see what happens.


VedaDalsette 2:41PM | Thu, 22 April 2021

I used Morris's JM Brock skin and AprilYSH's Rievel Hair. For his skin, I shifted the hue .02 with an hsv2 node. I also replaced the nodes with cycle nodes and made adjustments there. Rendered it in Poser 12's Superfly. It's much faster than Poser 11's Superfly.


jackwryan 11:03AM | Thu, 22 April 2021

Just checked your link. Shadows do make a real difference. What hair prop and skin MAT did you use for your images? Thanks.


VedaDalsette 10:17AM | Thu, 22 April 2021

You're right, jackwryan. He looks more Kurt in my gallery post, I think. The shadows do the shaping. Hey, but who wouldn't want to look like either Paul or Kurt (back in the day)!


jackwryan 9:17AM | Thu, 22 April 2021

I don't see Kurt Russell (face is too broad) but, especially with bluer eyes, he looks like Paul Newman to me. (I sometimes see things in clouds, too.) But, I may have some use for him. Thanks!


VedaDalsette 6:08AM | Thu, 22 April 2021

Thanks. After I made that picture, I realized he kinda looks like a young Kurt Russell (he's the 70's Escape from New York actor).


ashley9803 4:24AM | Thu, 22 April 2021

I don't use Poser or M4 anymore but I appreciate the effort you've put into this. He looks pretty good to me.

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