G8F Athletic Stretching 06 to 10

3D Figure Essentials Poses and Expressions posted on Jan 22, 2021 3658 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

I am in the process of a big freebie project inspired by the 2020 Olympics that are due in Japan in July 2021.

I have modelled a running track and much of the associated equipment (high, long and triple jump, pole vault etc) but not got them into DAZ Studio formats yet. As I finish each bit of equipment, I plan on releasing associated poses too. However, before an athlete gets to the track, they need to stretch and then warm up. I'm not ready to release the track yet, so it seems a good point to release some stretching poses. These are NOT considered correct for current elite athletes, instead they are based on my training in the early 1980's before appearing in UK regional finals. The reason - they are more widely useful than elite training would be. Think gyms, jogging etc warm-ups.

Anyway, I hope they will be useful.



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richardandtracy 11:13AM | Sat, 30 January 2021

Thank you both.


lizard01 6:31PM | Fri, 29 January 2021

Thank you, there is some great stuff here


poisinivy 9:02AM | Mon, 25 January 2021

Thank you very much. well done :)


richardandtracy 4:39PM | Sun, 24 January 2021

Kilroy, yep, I did as I said. I have also, at your request, applied Stretches 01 to 10 to a G8M character (Zander) and tweaked them to fit the somewhat different male proportions. I have created a bundle of these which I will submit for approval in the next day or two. I have sketched out five warm-up poses which I will start when I finish Stretches 11-15. I am on schedule for submitting Stretches 11-15 on Wednesday. I suppose I should do everything for G8M that I do for G8F. That will add work I hadn't anticipated, but should have. Ah well.


Kilroy 4:24PM | Sun, 24 January 2021

Thank you richardandtracy! You keep your promise and add this other set of stretching poses !


richardandtracy 4:49AM | Fri, 22 January 2021

Character details: Base figure G8F. Hinky Punk's Aniyah body. CynderBlue's 'Blue' head. Mousso's Albany Texture. Geneva Hair for G3F. Clothing MostDigital Creations freebie 'Sporty Outfit' with freebie leather shaders. The pumps are from Lilflame & Sveva's 'Recreational for Genesis 8 Females' here on Renderosity.

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