Modern Office Environment Pano - HDR

2D posted on Jan 17, 2021 242 downloads

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Product Notes

Spherical panorama of an empty office, 3600 x 1800.

Ever wanted to quickly find a free spherical panorama or HDR of an empty office? Good luck, I didn't even after googling my eyes wound. So I rendered one myself!
The positive aspect is that since it's been rendered in a 3D app, it doesn't look too photoreal behind your figures/scene.

Can be used as an environment background and/or reflection source - just pick it in your render settings panel in DS, or whatever place in other applications.

This version is in HDR format, there is/will be another in PNG format.

Credits/sources: Modern Office Space by Charlie @, mcjDenoise script by mCasual (free)

** It's my first panorama render in DS ever, and my first HDR too, I don't really know what I'm doing - so feedback very welcome! **

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maneki_neko 6:17AM | Wed, 20 January 2021

@TaishoBee you're welcome! my technique needs real improvement lol, hope i'll do better next time ^^


TaishoBee 12:38AM | Wed, 20 January 2021

Extremely needed, thank you!