Poser 2012: Lighting & Rendering - Part One

3D Figure Essentials posted on Jun 11, 2012 1211 downloads

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Product Notes

This is not a tutorial - it is a demonstration of some techniques in Poser 9 & Pro 2012 that was written following a request for help from a forum member. The response to the question 'how can I improve my renders?' is not a simple one. A technically good render depends on an interplay of lights, render settings and materials.So this series is intended as a demonstration of one way of setting up a simple scene, but hopefully there will be enough info here to be useful - particularly for those new to Poser, and anyone who has felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of different options and settings available.Part One looks at basics - different render settings, options like Tone Mapping, light types and properties like Attenuation, and how to control lights easily with props. I use IDL Studio, but you don't need it to be able to benefit from the info here, which is the result of way too much time spent rendering over the last few years!

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This is SOOOOOO helpful! Thanks very much. If the mood ever strikes you, could you do something on lighting with light emmitters?