Morphed Poses, Fix all of V4's problems!

3D Figure Essentials Poses and Expressions posted on Sep 11, 2011 4736 downloads

Operating System(s): Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Linux

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Product Notes

Included in this pack are custom morphed poses that fix all of V4's mesh problems. Each pose is carefully morphed in an external program by an experienced hand. The result is more realism and less post-work! Included: - 3 Full body morphed poses - 1 Partial morphed pose- 1 Foot/toe bend morph More information/images and a contest with prizes can be found at this DAZ forum post: This is but a small taste of what is available in Meipe and I's commercial package. However it's over at **WARNING, ADULT CONTENT**, so I can not link directly to it. It also contains morphs to "manipulate" V4's "upper body". :X So be careful if you go looking for it. We thought a lot of people wouldn't be interested in the adult stuff, so we're sharing these! You'll wish all of your poses were morphed. I wish mine were! Enjoy, and feel free to leave comments or contact Xameva/Meipe if you need any help. Read the ReadMe! :)

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_DAH_ 5:29PM | Sat, 29 September 2012

Thank You - will return soon !


maki_82 2:42AM | Thu, 26 April 2012

Thanks for the sample!! I am trying to buy all of the morph packs here from Rendo, and I have most of them already: thighs, shoulders, arms, booty! Can't get enough! I hope to go and buy the stuff from 'Rotica at some point too!


StudioArtVartanian 7:52PM | Wed, 02 November 2011

thank you so much!!!


Scorpiomoon 6:08PM | Sat, 17 September 2011



Xameva 2:17AM | Sat, 17 September 2011

boba5458: Email me at and let me know what you're having trouble with, and we'll get it working for you.

boba5458 9:51PM | Fri, 16 September 2011

doesn't work


posfan 5:31PM | Tue, 13 September 2011

Really awesome! Something DAZ should have done directly with the product!! Thanks muchly!!


Grangehearts 2:44PM | Mon, 12 September 2011

You make such great stuff, no matter where it is

murhen 12:41PM | Mon, 12 September 2011

Thank you!


Lzy724 9:07AM | Mon, 12 September 2011

awesome, thank you!!

alKhall 8:09AM | Mon, 12 September 2011

Many thnx..... :0)


Belit 7:54AM | Mon, 12 September 2011

I love you already. Thanks.


Moonfire 7:07AM | Mon, 12 September 2011

I can't wait to try these out...absolutely brilliant idea guys!!!


Naunet 8:12PM | Sun, 11 September 2011



DocMikeB 7:09PM | Sun, 11 September 2011

This is great! Thank you!


muddy_chickn 6:02PM | Sun, 11 September 2011

Thanks, I was actually just looking at your package at Renderotica today


SilverDolphin 5:23PM | Sun, 11 September 2011

Wow thank you!!!

miketee10021 5:04PM | Sun, 11 September 2011

Thanks so much!

keef666 4:59PM | Sun, 11 September 2011

Your a Star!


Navi 2:57PM | Sun, 11 September 2011

Thank you both ^^ - Didn't test yet but as I own Meipe's 2 other morphs packs, I know what to expect : Quality :)


fictionalbookshelf 2:56PM | Sun, 11 September 2011

Thank you!