Waitress Bot for DAZ

3D Models Stand Alone Figures posted on Jan 21, 2023 408 downloads

License: This is licensed for non-commercial use only.

Product Notes

Within the next 10 years, nearly every house will have a robot and every business will have one too. Here is a waitress bot ready to take orders and serve you with a smile.

The head, body and arm joints are already dialed in so use the dials rather than grab a limb and twist it out of place.

Located in Props/Shredder/Waitress_Bot/

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Freestuff Comments

Renzoeduardo 12:52AM | Sun, 19 February 2023

Muy bueno


Shreddder 9:57AM | Fri, 27 January 2023

I sleep - I just don't work anymore. So now I am retired, I can spend all my time doing what I love. I want to give my works away free so others can enjoy my creations and use them for their own creations. But alas, some projects take a long time to produce, weeks in fact, and I feel that I have to charge a little to compensate the man hours involved. Happy designing guys :)


NikKelly 9:10AM | Fri, 27 January 2023

Thank you. If I can export as FBX, should be able to work in Poser...

truthordare 7:39AM | Tue, 24 January 2023

Thank you so much! What a clever and useful creation!

T0mcat00 4:38AM | Tue, 24 January 2023

one wonders how you manage to produce all this stuff day-in, day-out... freebies, gigantic scenes and whatnots... do you ever sleep? What's your secret for your productivity? ^v^

cnile 5:59PM | Mon, 23 January 2023

This may be the best thing you have done yet. I have replaced ALL of my bridge/flight crews with these-just remove the seats and install in place. No more expired licenses, drunk on duty, whining about overtime, they never have to take a break, sleep, eat, etc. Plus they look better than most of the hires that I get through the airlock. And you don't have to pay them, either. 5 stars, highly recommended.