Charleville rifle 1777

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The Charleville rifle Model 1777 is a French war weapon designed during the reign of Louis XVI by the engineer Gribeauval, famous for its production and massive use in European (French Revolution, Vendée, Napoleonic Wars) and also American military theaters (U.S. War of Independence, Anglo-American War of 1812) from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century. It is gradually replaced, with the liking of the downgrades, by another black powder and flintlock rifle, the Model 1816/1822, but one finds the Charleville rifle of 4.6 kg dating from 1777, still largely in service at the time of the capture of Algiers in 1830. Many specimens were modified from 1840 onwards to become percussion rifles, and reused as civilian hunting weapons.

Keep your powder dry !

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JoWa2art 9:15AM | Tue, 02 March 2021

Very nice. Thank you again.


skyvendik 8:06AM | Sat, 27 February 2021

thank you

keef666 1:23PM | Thu, 25 February 2021

Thank you, one can never have enough flintlocks!


contedesfees 6:39PM | Tue, 23 February 2021

This looks very exciting. An excellent job, well worth a download.

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