Quarantine Cats

3D Models posted on Apr 17, 2020 349 downloads

Softwares: Poser Pro 11

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This set is 4 in 1 for the HiveWire House Cat. A steampunk hat with a plague mask. Mask needs to be worn with the hat or it will look funny. A steampunk carriage. A medical mask and nurse's hat. And a Roman helmet and dynamic cape. To use the cape select the cat in collide against then uncheck the head. Also lower the offset number in collision settings so it stays near the cat. I use .002 to .004 depending on the pose.

These are meant for Poser but could easily be added to Daz Studio content and used there. The Roman helmet uses a Poser 11 only material node. Otherwise they should work in Poser 10.

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Freestuff Comments

DianneMarlene 6:47PM | Wed, 09 August 2023

Looking forward to working with your art. Thanks!


anniekitties 12:04PM | Tue, 09 March 2021

These are marvelous and so well done! You are so talented my friend! Thank you so much for being so generous and sharing you talent so freely with us! Just love everything! Thanks again, anniekitties


hansmar 4:02PM | Sat, 17 October 2020

Looks great, thanks!


thelufias 4:32PM | Tue, 13 October 2020

Thank you very much


Thebes 3:39PM | Fri, 31 July 2020

Thank you. :)

llin10 1:44AM | Sun, 26 April 2020

What a wonderful idea! They are so cute


android65mar 7:12AM | Sat, 25 April 2020

Thank you, some gorgeous ideas here!


SeanMartin 2:49AM | Thu, 23 April 2020

LOL — these are wonderful.


mininessie 6:27AM | Sat, 18 April 2020

love them! thank you very much!!!


anniemation Online Now! 6:19AM | Sat, 18 April 2020

Thank you! These kept me busy from worry from covid thus the name. If you would send me a link to whatever you do with them.


maneki_neko 6:10AM | Sat, 18 April 2020

love those all, they're priceless! thanks a lot <img class="emojione" alt="&#x1f604;" title=":smile:" src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/emojione/assets/4.5/png/32/1f604.png"/>


gaius 4:05AM | Sat, 18 April 2020

Excellent ! many thanks.


TaishoBee 10:16PM | Fri, 17 April 2020

aaa cute!

savannahleopardgecko 9:14PM | Fri, 17 April 2020

These are so cute!