Realistic Curtains

3D Models posted on Nov 04, 2019 1841 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

FREE simple realistic curtains that include 2 wind morphs.

Comes in pink, but feel free to select whatever color you want in the surfaces tab or use any shaders of your choice.

Find the prop in:
Props > Cherubit > FREEBIE Curtains


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Freestuff Comments


splumer 8:30AM | Tue, 01 February 2022

Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for.

Radtail 4:23PM | Tue, 17 December 2019


greendown 3:37AM | Sun, 15 December 2019

Thanks for this, but the UV layout seems to be out by a factor of 1000. You have to set the tiling to 0.001 in order to see any fabric textures shaders used on the curtains.


Kordouane 4:58AM | Mon, 18 November 2019

Thank you very much <img class="emojione" alt="&#x1f44d;" title=":thumbsup:" src=""/>


tweedledumart 2:50PM | Tue, 12 November 2019

Fantastic! Thanks!

TGcies 11:26PM | Thu, 07 November 2019

Thank you so very much and so useful too.


ret2go 12:46AM | Thu, 07 November 2019

Thank You Very Much :)

miketee10021 11:51AM | Wed, 06 November 2019



mininessie 11:34AM | Wed, 06 November 2019

amazing...thank you!

nobody85 5:32AM | Wed, 06 November 2019

Thank you very much!


Itazura 1:32AM | Wed, 06 November 2019

Thank you very much!

PhthaloBlue 4:06PM | Tue, 05 November 2019

Thank you very much!<img class="emojione" alt="&#x1f604;" title=":smile:" src=""/>


Cherubit 1:19PM | Tue, 05 November 2019

Hi Sea80! It's a static prop BUT you can convert it to dforce by selecting the prop, right click on Simulation Settings tab > dForce > Add dForce Modifier Dynamic Surface. Then go to the surfaces tab and click the Support surface, go all the way to the simulation settings and where is written Dynamics Strength, input 0% (instead of 100%). That will make the bar at the top static so that when you simulate the curtains won't fall on the floor, they will just hang from there.


Sea80 8:52AM | Tue, 05 November 2019

Thank you. Just to make sure I understood correctly, there are two wind morphs, so is this a static prop with morphs or a dForce item with presets? I'm still new to dForce so not sure what you mean.