Free Collection - Vol1 (PBR Textures)

2D posted on Apr 02, 2016 2731 downloads

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

10 Free PBR Seamless textures size 1024 x 1024 pixels.

All Textures come with the following Maps: DIFF/AO/NORM/SPEC/DISP/ALBEDO - PBR Next Generation Textures

PNG Format saved at 100% quality as always. Perfect for game development, 3D props and scenes. Can also be used as derivatives or a merchant resource in personal and commercial creation/distribution, providing the end result does not allow for easy extraction of the original texture. With several years in the game texture industry, these beautiful textures were created using Photoshop CC2015. Perfectly seamless. Described as "Game Ready" because that is their initial and main use but could also be used for many other forms of digital artwork. Props, models, game development, scenes, printing purposes.

All textures created using original photos taken by Martin Hawkes.

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Freestuff Comments


KobaAlexander 7:53AM | Fri, 26 August 2016

You can use them in commercial projects as long as the textures are not easily extractable. Glad you like them.

audioslave74 4:26PM | Wed, 24 August 2016

Thank you so much for sharing these great textures! P.S. Are they allowed to be used with an enviroment/scene product? (walls, floors, etc)


carollee 1:20PM | Fri, 12 August 2016

Thanks for sharing=-)


cocoa51 5:10PM | Sun, 26 June 2016

Thank you much for the download

flashblitzen 1:39AM | Mon, 13 June 2016

Thanks, you are very awesome for this!


Dreamdesigner 4:55AM | Tue, 10 May 2016

Thank you very much for the kind and generous share :-)

nepemex 11:43AM | Tue, 26 April 2016



savanna 3:40AM | Mon, 25 April 2016

Thank you for sharing :)


KobaAlexander 2:12PM | Fri, 22 April 2016

I would have made them 2048x2048 but I was limited on my file size.


motic 11:47PM | Thu, 21 April 2016

Thank youuuu ;o)


StaticDrifter 12:04PM | Thu, 21 April 2016

So kind of you to share. Thank you very much.


rachris480907 11:51PM | Tue, 12 April 2016

Thank you!


KobaAlexander 2:44PM | Thu, 07 April 2016

Thank you Mar3D...I would love to see some of your future work using some of my textures!


Mar3D 4:55PM | Tue, 05 April 2016

Thank you very much. These textures are great. I have also purchased more of your textures.


beachsidelegs 12:55PM | Mon, 04 April 2016

These look awesome thank you very much :)


KobaAlexander 8:23AM | Mon, 04 April 2016

If you have any ideas for future texture packs please let me know what you are looking for and I will do my best to bring some to market!


squarepeg3d 6:26AM | Mon, 04 April 2016

Awesome! Looking at some of your other PBR Textures, I definitely wanna get my hands on quite a few of them. Thanks for releasing some for freh! =D


padinha 6:50PM | Sun, 03 April 2016

Thank you very much!


carollee 1:45PM | Sun, 03 April 2016

Thanks for sharing =-)


KobaAlexander 1:06PM | Sun, 03 April 2016

You are more than welcome...hope you can find uses for them. I am always interested in seeing people's work using my textures. Enjoy!


thelufias 10:56AM | Sun, 03 April 2016

Thank you very much.....

stang08 10:32AM | Sun, 03 April 2016

Thank you for sharing! I have been interested in your textures for awhile now. I will definitely purchase some once I try these out.