3D Figure Essentials posted on Jan 18, 2016 1029 downloads

Softwares: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures: Genesis 2 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Finally its done:
The Chef Outfit for Genesis 2 Females is finished. It has 7 Pieces:
A Jacket, Pants, a Chef Hat, an Apron and two Towels, one for the Apron and one for the Trousers, if you wear them with a T-Shirt for Example. There is also a Scarf.
The Clothing have several morphs. Beside the Fold, Hang and Drop morphs, I also included some Pose Helpers into the Pants and Apron, to let it look more realistic if you pose the legs. Just try them out. There are also lots of Materials included, but you can always use your own ones with all the material Zones.
Hope you like it!

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Freestuff Comments

Beat578 12:37PM | Mon, 08 November 2021

I don't know if i created them welded or not, it's a long time since. You have to try, but i fear they will fall apart.


AidanaWillowRaven 12:54PM | Sun, 07 November 2021

How well does this, or any of your outfits, play with dForce or drape?

zanimann 9:53PM | Sun, 22 March 2020

never got anything tp load to daz. Where are the files supposed to go? object files? spent 4 hours on it and gave up.


GrandmaT 7:02PM | Sat, 08 December 2018

thank you!

daynar 9:56AM | Sun, 07 February 2016

thank you.

Trakem 5:44AM | Wed, 03 February 2016

Great model. There aren't a lot of chef models out there.

akorinsikenkoy 7:09PM | Fri, 22 January 2016

I wonder what she's hiding in that cap. I can hardly wait to find out. Thanks for all of your really nice creations.


Crudelitas 2:09PM | Wed, 20 January 2016

Wow! Thank you for this nice Outfit! Looks great!


guy91600 12:20PM | Mon, 18 January 2016

You are "le chef" :-) Thank's for this freestuff

Beat578 9:45AM | Mon, 18 January 2016

Im not too Happy with the distortion on the buttons, but thank you :)

herhey2000 9:07AM | Mon, 18 January 2016

Another great one..................Thank you.

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