Michael 4: World War II Headwear Pack V

3D Figure Essentials posted on Mar 09, 2015 1740 downloads

Softwares: Poser 7+

Base Figures: Michael 4

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

WW2 German Helmet, WW2 British Airborne Helmet, WW2 Officer Cap, WW2 Early US Helmet

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Freestuff Comments

jgon424 9:33PM | Tue, 28 August 2018

Thank you

atthecorner 10:12PM | Thu, 07 September 2017

Thank you! great job

zxcv 4:23PM | Sat, 14 March 2015

Good work. I find with a bit of tweaking, they work with Genesis as well. Thanks for sharing.


steelrazer 11:22AM | Tue, 10 March 2015

These are terrific! Thank you for sharing your excellent work with us.


GaryChildress 2:33AM | Tue, 10 March 2015

H.Balckl, I'll see what I can come up with for a Polish Helmet. I'm sort of piecing together props for a 7th headwear pack as well.


GaryChildress 2:32AM | Tue, 10 March 2015

Hi Galatrex, UV Mapped OBJ files for each hat are included in the pack. I don't know how Daz Studio works but maybe you could import/adapt the props to it.


H.Balckl 7:48PM | Mon, 09 March 2015



H.Balckl 7:42PM | Mon, 09 March 2015

Hi Gary.Nice to see you also here ! Do you have seen my newest PC units (all Poser made) here:   http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=3348600&mpage=42 Would be nice, to have an romanian and polish helmets too please. I can send you my early soviet helmet for an addional pack if you like it.

Galatrex 7:21PM | Mon, 09 March 2015

If these were Daz Studio versions, I'd be interested


GaryChildress 7:19PM | Mon, 09 March 2015

Hi H.Balckl, Great to see you! This particular pack has been on CGShare for a while. So it's an old one. I decided to upload it on Renderosity. I did submit a brand new pack yesterday also, it's waiting on Renderosity staff approval. I'm hoping it will be up by tomorrow. It has some brand new stuff in it. Speaking of Polish, there is a Czapka in it for Cavalry.


H.Balckl 6:34PM | Mon, 09 March 2015

BTW - would be nice to have an romanian and an polish helmet too.


H.Balckl 6:32PM | Mon, 09 March 2015

Hi Gary,Thank you ! Is that new stuff or old ?


thelufias 4:40PM | Mon, 09 March 2015

Thank you....very cool.....

tomyee 4:04PM | Mon, 09 March 2015

What a great job on these helmets, well done!


jonnybode 12:28PM | Mon, 09 March 2015

Thank you!