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Operating System(s): Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista

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Product Notes

The 5 Grid template is used to make textures and transparency templates for just about any prop or figure.Projects such as drawing and accurately placing badges and medals on a shirt to make it a uniform or draw hull features on a ship are easier when you can "connect the dots". The use of numbers instead of dots makes it easy to see which "dots" to connect.This tool can also be used to make accurate transparency masks for use in Poser/Material/Transparency.Examples:Make a transparency template with a black area to hide pant legs to make a pair pants look like shorts.Accurately size and place black patches to make a transparency template to restyle a dress or make a shirt look ragged and torn.

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infinity10 1:57AM | Tue, 23 July 2013

Very useful.