Hampelmann v1.6 - Figure posing tool for Poser 9/Pro 2012

3D Figure Essentials posted on Sep 22, 2011 668 downloads

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This Python script for Poser 9 (and Poser Pro 2012) allows to select one or multiple body parts from a 2D representation of the selected Poser figure and to pose the selected body parts via mouse or keyboard.The selected actors can also be stored to keyboard keys, which allows to easily reselect for example all finger joints of the left hand and to start bending them instantly.Included are configuration files for most Poser 5-9 human figures and DAZ' Millenium figures.Also included is a script that allows to create new configuration files for any figure.Please check out the HTML help "How to use Hampelmann" contained in the ZIP file on how to use and setup the script!

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Freestuff Comments


HartyBart 5:55AM | Mon, 19 December 2022

A 1.7 for Poser 12 version has been released, free at the maker's forum.

digitalpanther 11:27AM | Mon, 29 July 2019

Does this work with Poser Pro 11?

echokimono 2:29AM | Fri, 17 July 2015

thank you..... this is an awesome tool for poser.  I love the power pose in daz, and its great to have something similar in poser.  You have made something fantastic! 


Lyoness 7:03AM | Mon, 18 February 2013

this is absolutely awesome. I use it all the time. thank you.

Ometeotl 1:17PM | Thu, 28 June 2012

This sounds great! Thank you very much for sharing your work


foxylady1 9:11AM | Sat, 22 October 2011

This is great. Thank You!


shorterbus 9:47AM | Fri, 30 September 2011

Whoah! You, Sir, are a genius!