Tin Foil Hats for L'Homme and More

3D Models posted on Dec 30, 2020 203 downloads

Operating System(s): Windows 7, Windows 10

Softwares: Poser Pro 11, Poser 12

Base Figures: La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11, L'Homme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Two mad hats designed to keep the aliens or the lizard people from influencing your Poser people's thoughts. One is a classic foil cone, the other one a
handsome and perfectly functional steel colander, designed by Renderosity's donnena. Both are designed to look for a figure's "head" so they should be able to attach to any character with a head, though you may need to scale for size or move for hair, as you do with any Poser hat. Hats come in Poser's pp2 format and are optimized for Superfly, though they will work in Firefly. The readme includes a screen cap of the foil hat's Firefly settings. Once you load them you will find them in the Props folder, here:
Runtime\Libraries\Props\L'Homme\Accessories\Tin Foil\LWPerkins\FoilHat for the Foil Hat, and
Runtime\Libraries\Props\L'Homme\Accessories\Tin Foil\Dubious for the colander
You might look around for some fruit models for when the colander is not being used as a hat :D Have fun!

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Freestuff Comments


lwperkins 5:43PM | Fri, 05 March 2021

LOL it just seemed to be needed! I think TrekkieGrrl has one as well for LHomme!


whitehawk63 11:54PM | Thu, 04 March 2021

This is officially one of my favorite 3D models. Just knowing it’s in my library makes me happy. Don’t know how I am going to use it. And I am way happier about it than I should be. I am absolutely obsessed with how to include it in a render.


lwperkins 10:18PM | Thu, 31 December 2020

LOL Dagger we are ready for 2021 now!! Happy New Year! OMG NikKelly that story is great...you may have saved a life :D It does sounds like a cool art piece though! May 2021 bring us laughs instead of tears!


NikKelly 9:56PM | Thu, 31 December 2020

Thank you. Some years ago, visiting a friend, I was invited to inspect his partner's new 'meditation pyramid', a sorta-tinkertoy contraption like a skinny climbing frame crafted of copper plumbing pipes. With a yoga mat inside. 'Pyramid' was supposed to block distracting RF stuff... Given the air-gaps were big enough to duck through, I restrained my hilarity and politely suggested the whatsit would benefit from 'grounding' to a proper earth-spike. Not 'lightning'-grade, just 'domestic', just outside the nearby garden window... This notion was well received and did, apparently synergise the placebo effect.


daggerwilldo 6:30PM | Thu, 31 December 2020

Oh thank you so much for the laugh and more for the highly functional and necessary head protection that all people should wear all of the time. There are just to many brain control waves being put into the airwaves and 2021 is not going to be any better. Now that we have proof that the Government, the Aliens, and the McDonald's food chain are all in this together...We Must Fight Back !!!


lwperkins 5:36PM | Thu, 31 December 2020

Happy New Year to everyone! May you never really need a foil hat :D But may your colanders always overflow with good things!


donnena 4:31PM | Thu, 31 December 2020

yay!!!! thwart the lizard people with ease!!!


UteBigSmile 4:24PM | Thu, 31 December 2020

They look funny and well done! 😊


lwperkins 12:18PM | Thu, 31 December 2020

Happy New Year to you as well!


anaterium 10:06AM | Thu, 31 December 2020

Really cool, thank you! HNY