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Product Notes

Gasbit is a character I rigged (for Poser) at a friend's request. The character and bike were modeled by dawidh, over at Blendswap. As for the animation; I think I should have sped certain parts up a bit, but I'm fairly happy with most of the motions, even if they are a bit bland.... forever learning.

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SAMS3D 8:25AM | Fri, 15 August 2014

All I can download is the movie?   So sad, would have like to try this. 


Freethinker56 6:19AM | Sat, 08 February 2014

Gasbits is the bomb !!! :D and your animation perfect :D


Casina 6:06PM | Mon, 03 February 2014

he's so adorable! thank you!


Vagabund 9:19AM | Mon, 03 February 2014

Very nice! Good ideas and good animated! Well done! :-)

luckybears 9:44AM | Sun, 02 February 2014

absolutely charming. I think you may be on to winner with this character if you know the right people to sell it to. Good luck with it.

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