Walk-cycle for Toon Billy and Belle

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Product Notes

Hi,This is a 29 frame cycle - ready to place end-to-end (or just loop) for a continuous and seamless animation. This walk-cycle has beentested in Poserpro(7) and PP2012.You can find 3DUniverse's Toon Billy Lite here:http://www.3duniverse.co.za/-/toon-generations-billy/item/293/productviewand Toon belle Lite here:http://www.3duniverse.co.za/-/toon-generations-belle/item/294/productviewThese files may not be redistributed in any way.The file(s) "Toon Billy Walk" will be found in your 'Pose' folder.Enjoy!Papasmrfe

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ziamarina 6:09AM | Sat, 19 April 2014

Great !!! Thank you:)


darquevision 3:07AM | Sun, 26 August 2012

cool and useful ty