Paula Sanders Report - List of Articles

December 15, 2006 12:00 am

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  • The Paula Sanders Report:
    Arrival at SIGGRAPH

    Be sure to keep checking the Front Page, as the Paula Sanders Report comes live from SIGGRAPH this week!

  • A Question of Purity
    This week, Paula brings up a most controversial topic: the question of postwork!

  • The Paula Sanders Report:
    Siggraph Summation from Boston

    SIGGRAPH 2006 Summary

  • Advanced Photoshop CS2 Trickery & FX
    Paula Sanders reviews Stephen Burns newest book Advanced Photoshop CS2 Trickery & FX which is a follow-up to his earlier book Photoshop CS Trickery & FX. Photoshop users will be interested in finding out if the book is indeed a treat, or mere trickery!

  • Paula Sanders Report - Gnomon Workshop's Introduction to ZBrush
    Renderosity is very excited to bring you a series of reviews on Gnomon Workshop's classrooms on DVDs. To start out the series, Paula Sanders reviews Introduction to ZBrush, Tools and Workflow by Renderosity artist Meats Meier.

  • Renderosity Reflects on SIGGRAPH 2006
    A look at the Industry News and what happened at SIGGRAPH 2006, with Renderosity's Team Coverage of the event and pictures of all the fun. See Rudy Sarzo and Robbie Robfogel at the Renderosity Booth and find out who was photographed in their RenderWear!

  • Paula Sanders Report Wacom's 6D Art Pen - Part II
    Recently The Paula Sander's Report reviewed Wacom's 6D Art pen with Corel Painter IX. Paula continues her review of Wacom's 6D Art pen, and the amazing Intuos3 digitizing tablet with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS2.

  • Paula Sanders Report - Wacom 6D Art Pen with Corel Painter IX
    The Paula Sanders Report: Reviews the Wacom 6D Art Pen with Corel Painter IX. Wacom has created a new pen for the Intuos3 Digitizing Tablet called the 6D Art Pen. Paula explains how Wacom and Corel have, once again, joined together to increase the almost limitless boundaries of Painter IX ...

  • Paula Sanders Report - Gnomon Workshop's Adobe Photoshop for Digital Production
    Once more Paula Sanders reviews another of Gnomon Workshop's classrooms on DVDs. This week Paula reviews Adobe Photoshop for Digital Production, Essential Techniques for Film, Broadcast and Games - Instructor: Dave Pasciuto

  • Terrains Like No Other
    Recently, my husband and I went on a trip to the north west part of Nebraska and the south west part of South Dakota. While I have taken trips before into the mountians of Colorado and New Mexico, as with my other recent trips, it was with a different perspective.

  • How Do You Develop Your Ideas?
    Paula asks ... as you create your artwork ... How do you develop your ideas? Some artists start with a form on their canvas, drawing board, or screen, and develop the image and its related parts as they progress. Others start with a concept and try to develop it. Join in the fun with this interactive article!

  • Paula Sanders Report - Path Styler Pro
    Paula reviews the Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator plugin Path Styler Pro by Shinycore. This exciting new plug-in produces extremely sharp bevels that allows the user to instantly create high-quality graphics for a variety of illustrations, and computer graphics.

  • Paula Sanders Report - Spiral Graphics' Genetica 2Pro
    Paula Sanders takes you on a tour of Genetica 2 Pro, Spiral Graphics latest seamless texture editor. If you are new to texturing, or if you have been texturing for years, Genetica 2 Pro offers exciting new features for all levels of 3D artists.

  • The Paula Sanders Report:
    The Art of Looking

    "If someone had asked me about rock formations, the trees among the rocks, the basic color of the rocks, and the color and texture of the water in the canyons, I would have given a quick and definitive answer. I would have also been at least ninety-five percent wrong."

  • Paula Sanders Report : Alien Skin - Eye Candy 5 Impact
    There is nothing more addicting for an artist than the taste of Eye Candy, and Paula explores one of the three newest versions of Alien Skins incredible plugin. If you have a sweet tooth for fun and creativity, you will want to get your fill of Alien Skins Eye Candy 5 Impact.

  • Paula Sanders Report - greenworks' XfrogPlants - USA Southwest, v2
    Rounding-up her greenworks' series of Xfrog software, Paula hops into another review, this time exploring XfrogPlants - USA Southwest, v2 ... one of the many Xfrog collections of Plant Libraries. So jump into the fun with Paula, as she avoids getting her Wacom Tablet stuck on a Prickly Pear.

  • The Paula Sanders Report: Using Multi-Pass Rendering in Photoshop
    This week, join Paula as she shows how it is sometimes better to take the long route for more controlled end results. This tutorial is applicable to any 3D program that can create an image file and a multi-pass file upon rendering.

  • A Review of Wacom's Intuos3 Tablet
    Continuing from her review of Corel's Painter IX, Paula gives us a look at the Intuos3 tablet that can be purchased as a bundled item with Painter IX.

  • The Paula Sanders Report: Review of Maxon's HAIR module
    "It is a day to celebrate for owners of Cinema 4D R9.5 who want to create hair, fur, feathers, and even blades of grass." Join Paula this week as she shows how this new Cinema 4D module can have you creating HAIR with ease!

  • The Paula Sanders Report:
    Virtual Fashion for Poser

    Imagine! Now you can create your own fashions for James, Jessi, Miki, and Terai Yuki. It is easy and fun with Virtual Fashion Basic for Poser. Create many different styles of garments, including shoes, in this program and then import them into Poser 6.

  • Is This an Optical Illusion?
    "I am not really sure how to explain what happened, but I thought the occurrence was interesting enough to warrant an article."Join Paula this week, as she confronts a most puzzling problem, and let us know if you've ever had an occurrence such as this.

  • The Paula Sanders Report:
    Easy Placement of Objects in Vue 5 Easel and other Vue 5 Products - Part I

    "Soon after e-on software's Vue 5 Easel came out, I wrote a series of ten tutorials for beginners that would apply to Vue 5 Easel and the other Vue 5 programs." Join Paula as she embarks on another tutorial series. In this first tutorial, you will learn the use of the Numerics tab. "It is very easy to place objects... if you understand the axes and coordinates."

  • Paula Sanders Report - Gnomon Workshop's Head Sculpting and Texturing
    Once more Paula Sanders reviews another of Gnomon Workshop's classrooms on DVDs. This week Paula reviews Head Sculpting and Texturing - ZBrush Techniques with Alex Alvarez, founder and director of the Gnomon Workshop of Visual Effects.

  • Digital Portfolios
    "We, as artists, have little control over how our work is submitted to shows...Most galleries want slides of the image. These are not always easy to get nor do they represent the piece as well as would a digital file..."

  • The Paula Sanders Report:
    Using Vue 5 Easel...Easily [Part II]

    Join Paula, as she continues with Part II: Creating Mountains!"This is a very basic tutorial on creating mountains for a landscape and moving them to the back of the scene. It is the second in the series on using Vue 5 Easel easily."

  • A Door To The World
    As a long time suffer from debilitating migraines, Paula knows firsthand how hard it is to cope with daily routines, let alone let get past severe pain to let the creative juices flow. Paula invites the Renderosity community to share and reflect on the challenges and rewards that a physical disability brings to an artist.

  • Paranoia or Piracy?
    "Should you have to choose between Paranoia or Piracy?" Paula explores the necessity to keep software license safe from those who would pirate it, while still allowing the artist ease of loading and running programs! Get in on the discussion ...

  • Educating The Public
    "How do we explain what we do on the computer? This problem seems to be relatively if not absolutely universal since different readers have expressed how they handle it in reference to other columns..."

  • Sharpening using Photoshop's Unsharp mask
    Paula gives you an inside look into her secrets for sharpening images using Photoshops Unsharp Mask. This step-by-step tutorial is aimed at both the beginner and a refresher for the advanced user. Paula shows you how to minimize the effect of degradation when enlarging.

  • The Paula Sanders Report:
    Review of Alien Skin's Blow Up

    "Blow Up is a Photoshop-compatible automation plug-in for enlarging images. Alien Skin states that it enlarges without the stairstep, halo, and fringe artifacts of bicubic interpolation. It works with Photoshop CS or later and Elements 3 or later. It, also, supports 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit images and RGB, CMYK, Lab, Grayscale, and Duotone image modes."

  • How Important is Presentation ?
    "Sometimes presentation is forgotten about in the creative process. This was brought home to me during the past holiday season when I went to a number of art show and sales..."

  • Paula Sanders Report - greenworks XfrogTunes
    Continuing her exploration of greenworks' series of Xfrog software, Paula reviews XfrogTune ... a companion product to Xfrog and/or for any of the XfrogPlant Libraries in which there are trees or models that consist of tree and leaf components. How does XfrogTune reduce polygons? Read on ...

  • Paula Sanders Report - Review - Maxon BodyPaint 3D Release 2.5
    Paula Sanders Report: This week Paula reviews Maxon's amazing Bodypaint 3D Release 2.5. Check out the new features in this release, with UV tools that could increase your workflow. product review by Paula Sanders - Sr. Staff Writer

  • The Paula Sanders Report:
    Review of GeoControl

    Join Paula as she reviews this outstanding stand-alone terrain creation program, created by Johannes Rosenberg. Get a closer look at how you can use it for full, precise control over any terrain project!

  • Printing Isn't An Island - Part 3 How Permanent Is Permanent?

  • The Grass is Always Greener with Vue Color
    Paula Sanders makes yard work fun, as she shares her tips and tricks on creating that perfect shade of green [and of course you can also use her techniques for other items within your digital world]. Vue, the Lawn Doctors cure for your ailing [and alien] turf!

  • SIGGRAPH and Beyond
    "The exhibits, art in the galleries, technologies of SIGGRAPH 2006, etc. didn't point in any directions that were surprising. What was surprising to me was the degree of the emphasis in the given directions."

  • Bio: Richard Rick Schrand
    "Renderosity: The Best of Digital Art", Panel Member

  • The Paula Sanders Report: Using Deep Paint 3D for Creating a Picture
    This week, join Paula as she delves deep into Deep Paint 3D: "I loved Right Hemisphere's Deep Paint and was sorry to see it go off the market even though a free version was available. However, Deep Paint 3D, which is used to paint and texture 2D and 3D models, can also be used to create the same type of art work as did Deep Paint."

  • The Paula Sanders Report:
    Working with Poser 5 or 6 and Dynamic Hair in Vue 5 Infinite

    "In this tutorial, I am not trying to duplicate the look of Poser hair; what I am, hopefully, demonstrating is that Dynamic hair can look good in Vue 5 Infinite. I treat Dynamic hair as I do any other material on an object or a terrain in Vue 5. I use all the tools available to me to make it look the way I envision it."

  • Paula Sanders Report - LizardTech
    Have you ever created an image for the web, and later tried to re-create that same image as a print only to be frustrated and disappointed with the end result? If so, Paulas lizardTechs Genuine Fractals 4 PrintPro review has the solution to your image enlargement dilemmas.

  • Paula Sanders Report - Creating a Mustache in Poser 5/6
    Do you have Poser 5 or 6? Have you ever wanted to create a perfect mustache for James [or any of your male Poser figures]? Well, want no more ... this week Paula brings an easy to follow, detailed, step by step tutorial that would make a barber weep for joy!

  • Paula Sanders Report - Corel Painter 8
    Paula Sanders returns with her in-depth review of Corel Painter 8. The program had simplified its interface and made the program more compatible to Photoshop. Learn what's new and improved ...

  • From a Photograph to a Painting using Painter IX.5
    If you read my review on Corel Painter IX.5 Update, you will remember about the new additions to Painter IX of a series of palettes for Underpainting an image, Auto-Painting the image, and Restoring details to the image. This tutorial will lead you through the steps on how to do it.

  • **HOLD-Copyright** Advanced Photoshop CS2 Trickery & FX
    Paula Sanders reviews Stephen Burns newest book Advanced Photoshop CS2 Trickery & FX which is a follow-up to his earlier book Photoshop CS Trickery & FX. Photoshop users will be interested in finding out if the book is indeed a treat, or mere trickery!

  • Paula Sanders Report - e frontier's Poser 6
    The long awaited Poser 6 has arrived, and The Paula Sanders Report is here to fill you in on what's new and why you should, or should not, upgrade. Paula takes you on a tour of all of Poser 6's rooms touching on the new featurs and their functions.

  • XfrogPlants Billboards Review
    Join Paula this week, as she reviews a new series of items from greenworks, called XfrogPlants Billboards."What are billboards? For those who have not used billboards before, think of alpha planes in Poser that do not require any work."Save 20% on Xfrog Plants Billboards, now through August 22nd!

  • Review of Andromeda's RedEyePro Filter
    "Andromeda's latest Photoshop compatible filter is part of the Photographic Tools and Effects series. This filter is easy to use, inexpensive, and removes the red eye from a picture in a flash..."

  • A New Outlook
    "Learning something new can be scary as well as exciting. I think the initial investment plays a part. I do not only mean money but time as well. I would imagine that most of the people reading Renderosity's Front Page have been using computers for a while. A program might be new or at a new level, but the whole concept is not new."

  • Coming To Terms With Resolution!
    This week Paula Sanders continues her series on color, as she explains the terms of resolution as it pertains to printing. This article will use scanners as input devices to illustrate different types of resolution. Paula discusses raster images and resolution, explaining how scanners take "electronic pictures."

  • Review of Corel Painter IX.5 Update
    "Corel, with the Painter IX.5 update, has made some prominent additions to Painter IX. "Innovative" would be a good word to describe this update. This update is free to registered users of Painter IX."

  • Paula Sanders Report - Vue 5 Infinite
    Paula delved deeply into the amazing high-end 3D scenery solution for illustrators, SFX studios, architects, and 3D Computer Graphics professionals ... Vue 5 Infinite by e-on ... and produced a two-part in-depth article that surpasses a mere review, including a few Vue tips and tricks along the way.

  • Furs, Feathers, and Fabrics [interview with author, Paula Sanders]
    We all know Paula Sanders from her outstanding work as Renderositys prolific artist and writer. But did you know that she is also a published non-fiction author? Dee-Marie interviews Paula as she shares her publishing secrets of her current book-on-CD, Fur, Feathers, and Fabrics, which was co-written with her husband Don.

  • Lighting in Poser 6 - Part II and III
    Paula continues her series of Poser 6 Lighting in this special two-part tutorial. This weeks tutorials are Lighting A Figure Evenly and Creating Dramatic Lighting. Both are a must read for anyone wishing to improve their Poser lighting techniques!

  • Using XfrogPlants Billboards and More
    "Recently I reviewed the new XfrogPlants Billboards by greenworks. I found these billboards so useful when creating landscapes in either 2-D or 3-D programs that I decided to write a tutorial on some of the methods of using them."Save 20% on Xfrog Plants Billboards, now through August 22nd!

  • Download Times - Quality vs Speed
    "Whether you are e-mailing a picture to a friend; posting art work to an online gallery; or writing an online tutorial, it is critical to form a balance between the quality of the image and how long it will take that image to download."

  • Computer Corruption and how to Avoid it...or Whose Responsibility is it Anyway?
    This week Paula addresses a very real issue for anyone who has been faced with the sometimes adverse effects of software installation. Has this happened to you? What is your opinion? And..."whose responsibility is it anyway?"

  • The Paula Sanders Report: Greenbriar Studio's CR2 Loader and Morph Tools for Cinema 4D 9
    This week, Paula shows her findings while working with the CR2 Loader, Morph Tools, and Conformer Software for Cinema 4D 9. Read on to find out more on loading Poser figures into Cinema 4D, through this well-illustrated presentation.

  • Lighting in Poser 6 - Part I
    As a special treat to the Poser community, this week Paula takes the frustration out of Poser lighting, with the first of her Poser 6 lighting tutorial series. This week Paula demystifies Poser lighting as it relates to Image Based Lighting [IBL].

  • Paula Sanders Report - ZBrush 2
    Paula Sanders' explores Pixologic's ZBrush 2. If you have ever longed to work with ZBrush, but felt it was too complicated to tackle, Paula gives tips and tricks on how to feel immediately comfortable with this combination; modeling, texturing, and painting program.

  • The Paula Sanders Report - Xfrog 3.5
    Paula is back this week to review Xfrog 3.5. This outstanding 3D graphic program is used for the modeling and animation of organic natural materials, such as: trees, shrubs, flowers, as well as creating unusual abstract models. Dont wait to jump into the Xfrog review!

  • Working with Poser 6 Dynamic Hair [Part I]
    Join Paula, as she starts an exciting new tutorial series on working with Dynamic Hair in Poser 6!This week, she presents: Part I - Modifying the Skullcap.

  • onOne Software - Genuine Fractals Print Pro 4.1 and pxl SmartScale
    Paula reviews two programs from onOne Software Genuine Fractals Print Pro 4.1 and pxl SmartScale 1.0. Both programs are Photoshop only plug-ins and are supported by Photoshop CS and CS2. Read on as Paula explores the advantages of using these programs to refine and enhance image enlargements.

  • Printing Isn't an Island - Part 2 The Ins and Outs of Resolution

  • Right Hemisphere's Deep Paint 2
    Paula goes in-depth in her review for Deep Paint 2. Find out what she thought about it and leave a comment at the end...

  • Working with Poser 6 Dynamic Hair [Part II]
    Join Paula, as she continues her tutorial series on working with Dynamic Hair in Poser 6! This week, she presents: Part II - Creating Basic Hair.

  • Working with Poser 6 Dynamic Hair [Part III]
    Join Paula, as she continues her tutorial series on working with Dynamic Hair in Poser 6! This week, she presents: Part III - Styling Basic Hair. Learn how to create straight and curly styles, and just what to do to avoid bald spots.

  • Printing Isn't An Island - Part 1 Color

  • The 'Rosity Comic Strip - 12-11-06
    "All cartoonists please report to the headline creation area." - anniemation

  • The Paula Sanders Report: Eovia's Carrara 5 Pro
    "Carrara 5 Pro can be described as a solid, 3D, mid-level package that offers a variety of specific avenues in the field of 3D that one can pursue." Read on to find out why, as Paula gives us an in-depth review of this excellent 3D software package!

  • RGB and CMYK Monitor Calibration!
    If calibrating your monitor to a specific application is driving you crazy you are not alone. Stop pulling out your hair ... help is on the way! Paula Sanders, once again, comes to our rescue, with her insightful and practical tips and tricks for easy monitor calibration.

  • Paula Sanders Report - Vue 5 Infinite - Part 2
    Part Two - Paula delved deeply into the amazing high-end 3D scenery solution for illustrators, SFX studios, architects, and 3D Computer Graphics professionals ... Vue 5 Infinite by e-on ... and produced a two-part in-depth article that surpasses a mere review, including a few Vue tips and tricks along the way.

  • An Interview with Richard Schrand
    "I met Richard Schrand at Siggraph first at the e-on software booth and, then, through Syyd Raven. . ."

  • Vue 5 Easel by e-on software
    Paula reviews Vue 5 Easel by e-on software. This entry-level program to the Vue 5 lineup, gives the novice graphic artist an inexpensive software option to explore the world of 3D art! The amount you experiment with this program is up to you.

  • Taking Photographs To Use To Create Specific Types Of Images
    Paula discusses her techniques for getting the most out of taking photographs for use in her work.

  • Corel's Painter IX, Reviewed
    Corel's new Painter IX, released a few months ago, contains more cosmetic upgrades. Read the review to get the latest information on what's happening with the latest version of this cutting-edge software.

  • The Newly Enhance Renderosity Galleries are here!!
    You are cordially invited to share in the commencement of our most exciting adventure to date...the Superlative Galleries!

  • Epson Stylus Photo R2400 Printer
    For the past ten years, Paula has produced beautiful prints of her amazing artwork on a variety of Epson printers. Recently she purchased an Epson Stylus Photo R2400. Read on to see if Paula's love affair with Epson continues ...

  • The Newly Enhanced Renderosity Galleries are here!
    You are cordially invited to share in the commencement of our most exciting adventure to date...the New Galleries!

  • Site Management Changes
    Welcome to This site is now under new management, but we are pleased to report that many of the most experienced Moderators are here.

  • MonacoEZcolor Bundle: Calibration Using Hardware And Software
    Paulas previous article on monitor calibration dealt primarily with color modes. This week Paula delves into other aspects of calibration, as she reviews X-Rites MonacoEZcolor Bundle, consisting of the MonacoEZcolor software package and the MonacoOptixXR colorimeter.

  • 3D Nature's World Construction Set 6
    3D Nature's World Constructions Set 6 [a Geographical Information System (GIS) based landscape creation program] is based on a spherical planet using longitude and latitude, and can be used to create still work as well as animations. Paula reviews WCS 6 from an artists viewpoint.

  • In Memory of DeanCarl - "Dean Shaffer"
    Last week, Renderosity family member, and Bryce artist, DeanCarl [Dean Shaffer] lost his long battle with lung cancer. For the past five years, Dean has been a vital part of the Renderosity family, and especially of the Bryce community. Please join with us in saying our last goodbyes to this amazing artist and good friend.

  • Rewards being offered!
    It's not just a rumour anymore. There have been confirmed sightings of a large beast running around the RIM site! The merchants have gathered and are now offering rewards to find it...

  • Maxon's CINEMA 4D R9.5 XL Bundle
    Paula Sanders reports on Maxons new CINEMA 4D R9.5 XL Bundle. As always, Paula explores the major new additions, as well as reviewing the minor ones that increase CINEMA 4Ds workflow and functionality. Just in time for the holiday giving season, or if you are considering giving yourself the gift of an upgrade.

  • Animation Alley - Real-Time Spray-Paint Simulation In Maya
    Our Animation Alley guru, nemirc [Sergio Rosa], takes you on a fascinating journey through a Real-Time Spray-Paint Simulation in Maya. Join nemirc as he discovers the hidden secrets to the Visual Special Effects (VFX) within the Tom Cruise movie The Minority Report.

  • To the RIM and Back
    The fourth and final issue of the Renderosity Interactive Magazine is now available. It's been an incredible adventure that brings us full circle. You won't want to miss the farewell edition that includes interviews with Anne McCaffrey, Joe Jusko, Fantasy Photographer Joseph Corsentino and Scott Kurtz the creator of PvP. Find out what comes next...

  • Printing on Various Substrates
    "I had been trying for a long time to combine media - basically acrylics with digital printing on various hued papers. However, I had reached a stumbling block because I could never find the right substrate to act as a ink receiver..."

  • Larry Weinberg Celebrates 10 Years Of Poser
    Join with us in celebrating Posers 10th anniversary, as our guest columnist Daryl Wise, interviews Larry Weinberg the man who harnessed the power of 3D Figures with the creation of Poser 6. Every Renderosity artist knows of Poser, now get to know the man behind the program Posers creator ...

  • Review Maxon's Cinema 4D XL R8
    Paula presents her incredibly in-depth review of Cinema 4D XL R8: "Ever since I saw the demonstration of Cinema 4D XL R8 at Siggraph 2002 this summer, I wanted to review it. I was very impressed with not only the new features but the simplification of many of the procedures, especially the look of the Attribute Manager."

  • Darkling Simulations DarkTree 2.5
    Guest columnist Alexander Polsky [crocodilian], reviews Darkling Simulations' DarkTree 2.5; which is a node-based procedural texture editing, rendering and management application. DarkTree 2.5 offers a great interface, portability across applications, with some clever innovations, making it a powerful way to save and reuse textures.

  • SOFTIMAGE Announces FREE Version of SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.3.0
    SOFTIMAGE|XSI EXP now has a free version available for download! Check out the details.

  • DAZ Studio
    DAZ Productions, the preeminent producer of 3d content for Poser, announces the release of DAZ Studio...

  • Create Breathtaking 3D With Maya 8
    "Autodesk finished the acquisition of Alias in January 2006. Since then, there had been questioning on whether or not Autodesk would continue developing Maya. This SIGGRAPH, Autodesk answered that question by unveiling Maya 8 3D software. Maya 8 comes packed with some nice new features, and a special gift for 64 bit PC users."

  • The Traug Project
    An illustrated book-in-the-making, inspired by the poem, The Shield of Erebus by peejay. This project showcases how a collaboration of artists can make a difference when they gather together for a noble cause.

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