DAZ Studio

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DAZ Studio
In December 2000, the team that makes up DAZ Productions, Inc. emerged from Zygote Media Group as the preeminent source of 3D content for Curious Labs' Poser®. Working hard to expand that market, DAZ® strived to contribute in every way plausible to further the establishment of Poser and increase the awareness thereof. Since its formation, DAZ has persistently striven to push the envelope in the 3D modeling arena. Due to constant support from our customers, we have been able to become a central pillar in the community and help all members excel in their use of Poser. As a return on this community support, DAZ has undertaken the next step forward in evolving its offerings with the creation of DAZ Studio.

The following is a description of our commitment to help expand the community in which we all exist through the release of DAZ Studio.

The Base (free indefinitely)

It is crucial that DAZ Studio be built upon a completely solid foundation before focusing on additional functionality and features. DAZ Studio is modular in nature, therefore advanced functionality will be offered as modules that allow the end-user to customize the software according to his or her own need and budget.

Prior to the release of version 1.0, the base version of DAZ Studio will be publicly available as a free beta for an undetermined period of time until it is solid. People familiar with Rhinoceros® (Rhino 3D) may recognize this strategy. This plan will allow customers to test the software on their systems, report bugs, suggest necessary features, and watch the software as it develops. The first iteration of the DAZ Studio base will be designed to render scenes from Poser 4 .PZ3 files. It will also have the ability to modify those scenes to some extent once the files are imported into Studio. Posing, animation, model import and other features will follow soon after the first beta release.

Anticipated Stages of program completion:
· Limited alpha
· Public beta, Mimic® 2.0 available for sale
· 2nd beta release, Lightwave 3D® and 3ds max® Plug-ins available
· DAZ Studio Basic 1.0
· Gradual addition of Studio plug-ins with advanced features
[Schedule subject to change]

Advanced-feature modules will be sold separately. These will consist of advanced animation tools, Mimic 2.0, translation tools for porting to and from other software applications, and dynamic-cloth authoring. DAZ Studio is designed to be a platform that will encourage the development of additional content and plug-ins by outside developers.


The amount of content available for Poser and DAZ Studio is very large and relatively unavailable to other 3D software currently. DAZ Studio will be a portal for making this content useful within other leading 3D applications. With an open portal between DAZ Studio and other applications, the number of customers interested in DAZ Studio-ready content will increase significantly. And through the modular structure of DAZ Studio's coding, third party content developers will also be able to easily tap into the existing user-base of other 3D applications by developing for DAZ Studio.

The Market As It Stands

Growth within the community has always been a point of interest for every content developer. Currently, the need for expansion and new members to this market is greater than ever. The main barrier against new customers entering this market is the cost of the necessary 3D character creation software. The main reason for offering the DAZ Studio base for free is to effectively remove the entry-barrier from this market.

Tell Ware

The End User License Agreement (EULA), that customers must agree to before they install and use DAZ Studio, will contain a section outlining a simple "word of mouth" program, called Tell Ware. The EULA requires that the user tell at least two other people about the software and where DAZ Studio can be downloaded for free. Customers must realize that the more successful they are at helping to grow the community, the more resources DAZ and other developers will have to put towards continuing development of DAZ Studio and other third party products.

The Market As It Can Be

Initially, the growth of DAZ Studio will be based on strong relationships and goodwill. Due to this, we will rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers. Such enthusiasm will push the software forward and grow the community. Without the support of the user base, growth will be limited. As members of the community do their part to spread the good word, we will do our part to continue providing the base version for free and also offer DAZ Studio add-ons at lower prices than we could if required to support a large advertising campaign.

Collaboration between online communities

We have already seen significant benefits in collaborating with other online communities. The more that each individual community continues to increase the overall market size, the more sales and traffic each community will receive. With DAZ Studio, we are seeking the same relationship for the entire community. If each community is willing to encourage new people to try out the new DAZ software they will effectively grow the number of customers who can purchase from the existing marketplaces.


DAZ has set a goal of having over one million people download the free version of DAZ Studio before the end of 2003. Reaching this goal will produce a tremendous influx of new customers to the entire community. Every member of the community, developers and customers alike, will benefit from the resulting market growth. The support from the community is what has been funding the free version of DAZ Studio up to now, and we hope that an increase in this community support for DAZ will keep the new software moving forward even faster after release.

We feel that this plan can help to grow the community well beyond the current size. Through the collaboration of many, this community will become much more stable and rewarding, providing even more opportunities for entertainment, learning, and everything else that each of us individually may wish to gain from it.

® DAZ is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by DAZ Productions, Inc.
® Rhinoceros is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Robert McNeel & Assoc.
® Mimic is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by DAZ Productions, Inc.
® Lightwave 3D is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by NewTek, Inc.
® 3ds max is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Autodesk, Inc.
® Poser is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Curious Labs, Inc. and EGISYS AG

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Member Opinions:
By: faceless on 2/1/03
Looks Great!

Will there be a Mac OS-X version?

By: Mahna on 2/1/03
Yikes! That is Skeeeerie! I am afraid of this morph pak, because it looks too real, but I bet a whole bunch of people will like it. I think I would be afraid to see my rendering screen after applying the morphs and textures! Yikes!
But hey, it is Very Real Looking!!! Excellent Horror Stuff for those who are not afraid!!!

::Sufers from Zombie Paranoia::
Mahna :-)... LOL

By: andix on 2/1/03
ok, so when do we get this beta version?

:-) can't wait to use it actually

By: DarkElegance on 2/1/03
This is someting I would be very interested in trying. I am always interested in new proggies that help me further my knowledge and ability to work in the digital mediums.

By: obsessedwith3d on 2/2/03
One of your first plugins should be a port of Gaffer(Worley Labs). Of course, there's the dongle issue (authorization code)...

By: Mitsukai on 2/2/03
Okay, perhaps I'm not entirely catching the gist of this, so please, someone clarify: is this a DAZ-built Poser-like program, or is this along the lines of Right Hemisphere's Deep Exploration translation program?

In either case, if it's DAZ behind this, it's gotta be good. ^_^

By: thorntoa on 2/2/03
Mitsukai -- It looks like this will be a free Poser 4 level program once it is complete. Pro-Pack and Poser 5 like features will come in the future via plugins (for $$$). Initially it will start out as a beta w/o much content but will rapidly add functionality until finished.

I think it will be good too! DAZ is helping the community grow but it looks like they will not be over extending themselves.

By: BillyGoat on 2/2/03
Smart, very smart marketing!
Count me in as i'm probably the only one who has installed Poser 5 and not touched it yet.
Daz Studio sounds like a winner.


By: Curio on 2/2/03
is it available now? where can we get the beta?? - CAN'T WAIT!

By: Deadpool21619 on 2/3/03
Sound and looks good to me. One question. WHEN?1?!?!?!?

By: kromekat on 2/3/03
Fantastic! - when do we get it? - MacOSX?

By: XET_Stormy on 2/3/03
Want it need it gotta have it. I've got 2 friends! ;)

By: PaganArtist on 2/3/03
Looks GREAT! Now this is something I'd jump on! I'm more excited about this than I was about Poser 5 release. Never bought poser 5....they have to pry my poser 4 from my cold dead fingers first! Kudos to Daz!!!

By: Klausm on 2/3/03
WOw, that sounds like a really good strategy, and a very good idea.
Could you please tell us when we can get the free Beta version ???
Regards from Denmark

By: jewell on 2/3/03
OK, I see the line for the beta has begun. ME TOO! ME TOO! But PLEASE make a Mac OS version! beta, I can stand in PC, but I won't buy unless you make a Mac version. CL isn't getting any further business from me until they pony up a Mac version either. :)

By: Zoonchilde on 2/3/03
ooO! Adaptable 'and' versatile.. *offers up my two sacrifical lambs.. i meant friends.. grins* where do i sign again?

By: Phospheros on 2/4/03
I'm with Mitsukai... will this compete with Poser's market share or is this another kind of tool entirely?

By: Magix-101 on 2/4/03
Nice screenshots!
The open GL looks very nice too.
And very smart marketing..a public beta (like Rhino) and a modular build on system is a very very smart approach to a 3d app these days.
Harvey Mann

By: jddog on 2/4/03
Hope about Mac OS X version, is vital for designer and CG animators on Mac !

By: jddog on 2/4/03
Don't forgett Mac OS X user, it's vital for designer and CG animators on MAC.

By: -Yggdrasil- on 2/4/03
Very cool ideas! I'm with it when it comes out.

By: Sygnus on 2/4/03
Dear lord, they are smart!
I had three requests for a DAZ Studio wishlist, but this did shoot 2 of them in the chest... Don´t think I´m gonna need to beg for things like affordable prices and user friendly license system... gosh! The only thing I´d like to ask, then, would be the abilty to export directly into high-end softs, such as Maya and Max with animation and materials... But that, of course, is up to the plugin people...

Uh, and in case I did not make that clear yet, I am in, And I have at the least a dozen lambs to push into the game... Also, I work with programming and would love to set my hands on a Delphi sdk for this toy!!!!

By: zutgorak on 2/4/03
this one i gotta try. who do i have to XXXXXXX (insert violent or sexistic comment here) to get
my furry hands on that

By: Nebula on 2/4/03
Looking very forward to it's release! I see a lot of people asking when but have yet to see any kind of answer. This is not a complaint. I'm just one of those wanting to know when it might be available. It sure looks great!


By: SKondris on 2/4/03
The BETA program launch date is still TBA, but keep checking the DAZ website for updates and announcements.

Steve Kondris
DAZ Productions, Inc.

By: Razorcut on 2/4/03
Yea sounds great. Just wait till you have to buy a half dozen different modules to do anything with it. What happened to the days when you could by software and use it without paying for extra modules that should be part of the software in the first place.

By: egrafx on 2/4/03
Finally!!! CL has been slacking on the Mac OS X version of Poser. Its the only OS 9 app I still use. I hope DAZ corners the market. Will there be a Cinema 4d import/export plugin?

By: Tamela.J. on 2/4/03
I can't wait for this. I'm sooooo looking forward to it. Hope we don't have to wait much longer. :O)


By: Shademaster on 2/5/03
Smart....vey smart indeed. I'd love to try it out once the beta is released.

By: holyforest on 2/5/03
Great news ! I hope MacOs too.

By: TheDaedalus on 2/5/03
I don't know. If it's free, I'll probably download it, but I don't really have any intention of using it. Don't get me wrong, I love DAZ3D! It's just, I already have Poser 4 and 5, why do I need more software?

I wish best of luck to them, though.


By: BlkBuddah on 2/5/03
Count me in for the beta as well.

I've done quite a bit of beta (alpha and gamma too!) testing for various programs and games (most recently, the Earth & Beyond game from Westwood) and rather extensive programming and 3D experience.

As far as SDKs go, I suspect that requesting one in Delphi is a long shot. It'll most likely include a parsing engine for its own internal script (like RhinoScript or MEL). I suspect that for extra functionality, it will go one of two routes: either it will expose handles for C++ modules, or it will include a subset of VBScript or JavaScript within its own parsing engine (like Rhino's plugin approach). Delphi is not commonly used for heavy number-crunching (which is what 3D graphics are).

-Bryan (aka BlkBuddah)

By: matb on 2/5/03
Why do you need more programs aaron? Because Poser 5 is all-but unusuable as soon as you start adding a couple of textured, clothed characters. It locks up and refuses to render. Because CL refuses to listen to requests for Open GL renderers to give the program fast real-time feedback. Because Poser still has no real-world meauring or co-ordinate system. Because CL desperately needs a major rival to give them a kick up their complacency. Poser is a wonderful program, but no-one could possibly argue that it's all it could be given the length of time that it's been in development.

I love Poser; I think it's empowered a whole generation of digital artists, and freed many people who have little innate talent, to realise their darkest, or most noble fantasies. However, Poser has always been quirky and the lack of competition has enabled CL to bring out incomplete and sub-standard software safe in the knowledge that people had no choice. The bile that was heaped upon Poser 5 came as a real wake up call to them. They seemed to hold the opinion that they could release whatever they liked, in any state they liked, and people would buy it. However, the negative word spread quicker than they dared fear, and I don't think that they got half the sales they wanted or needed.

Maybe with a strong rival, both products will become all that they can be.

By: Gringo on 2/6/03
how bout' a plug-in to replace Poser's "old" real-time rendering engine with this tasty OpenGL Goody?

By: MYHL82 on 2/6/03
I"m curious to know if there will be a library system that's obnoxiosly sluggish like the one in Poser. I'm really excited by this news though. I agree with matb's comment about CL not having enough competitors to try and push the envelope in revolutionary ideas and changes. Way to go DAZ.

By: foleypro on 2/8/03
I personally Can not wait...It will revolutionize the Poser world and will give other folks a chance to Develope their own Plugins and The Consumer will be able to pick and choose what Modules/Plugins he or She wants to Install and use,I really hope they make it so folks will be able to UNPLUG a Plugin and install another one without haveing to re-install or have a ton of Modules just clogging up Resources...This will speed up work flow Tremendously....As always B3D

By: RitaCeleste on 2/8/03
I'm really looking forward to this! I agree with Gringo, this will help poser rather than hurt it in the long run if they step up and continue to develope poser. Hobbiest and the curious and kids can afford Daz Studio and generate even more content and product awareness for both products. For those of us who can't afford or don't know how to or won't use all the features, this is perfect. Modular lets people learn as they go and focus on what they want to do more. I'm also going to mention the platinum club, annual membership $99.00 a year, and selected products at 1.99! The products for $1.99 are actually good products. I think Daz is making this a hobby the general public can afford. Kids can move right into this when they out grow Barbie and action figures. Maybe I'm crazy, or over estimating the general public, but I think this should be a wildly popular program and increase sales all over the community and in doing so make lower prices possible in the future.

By: thenodemaster on 2/8/03
YEah, let me know when it is available!!

By: NightHawkRN on 2/9/03
Sounds Great but one question,,,,,Does anyone know when and where its going to be released? Like others here that are waiting for it we would like to know the release date.

By: bluto on 2/9/03
i want to deta test as well ,cant wait to see this package

By: glassman on 2/9/03
I'm more of a "wait -N- see" kinda person. I like DAZ but I don't trust them as far as I can throw them. I think they're getting a little "MODULE" crazy over there. Just look at the dif between victoria 2 & 3 - MODULE for this, MODULE for that and on and on it goes - AND they're NOT cheap. Does CL need a kick in the behind and a cold water wake up call??? YES! But is DAZ Studio the answer to the 3D Poser prayers? I dought it. But, as I said I'm a wait-n-see person - I'm open minded and I look forward to giving it a try. Hopefully it will make some of my dreams come true. And if it falls short maybe CL will rise up and release something worthly of our praise.

By: MRMH on 2/9/03
Beautiful!, just beautiful!

By: Rebecca Lee on 2/9/03
Me too,I'm still from not being able to buy Poser 5 and Bryce 5,too

By: CartQQnz on 2/10/03
Looks like a great package. I can't wait to try it out.

By: jlmattson on 2/10/03
I am definately interested and hope a Mac OS
version is released soon .... Still waiting for
a Mac version of Poser 5.... OS 9 or X..... I am
patient but also a bit envious of Windows Users......

By: SndCastie on 2/10/03
Would love to be on the beta testing too count me in please

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