Athletics Ground

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Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

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Product Notes

With the Tokyo Olympics coming in July 2021, I have been inspired to create an athletics ground model.

This is the first part of the athletics ground, consisting of the a model of the running track, marked out areas for high jump, pole vault, shotput, hammer and discus. There are long jump and triple jump facilities, as well as a steeplechase water pool.

The model is of a full size Olympic size ground, but set in a County ground style earth bank. The bank can be replaced with a stadium if someone wishes to model it up, or has a model available.
The competition surfaces have 4 alternative colours and the spectator bank has two alternative grass lengths. 5 times of day are provided as presets. There are a few camera presets, which will be expanded in time.

It is planned to add starting blocks, hurdles, hammer cage, steeplechase jumps, jump mats, etc etc as time progresses to develop it into a fully equipped stadium. As each set of facilities is added, I plan to add poses.

Have fun.

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Freestuff Comments


jonnybode 10:08PM | Thu, 06 May 2021

Nice, thank you!


thelufias 4:30PM | Mon, 22 March 2021

Thank you very much


Sea80 3:05PM | Mon, 22 March 2021

As long as no one is paying attention to detail, this can also be used for high school, college and university sports.


richardandtracy 3:19AM | Mon, 22 March 2021

Thank you. It is possible it's a project undertaken as a result of not knowing how hard it was going to be, but it is one I am enjoying. As a schoolboy (decades ago) I did take part in regional athletics championships & won a couple of minor medals in long & triple jumps & hurdles, so it is a project that has a certain degree of meaning to me. I have got a progress thread going on at the DAZ forum if you are interested, it is here: " " though this url may be broken when I change the thread title to reflect the next release, which is why I've not tried to persuade Renerosity to make a hyperlink out of it.


guy91600 1:32AM | Mon, 22 March 2021

C'est un projet d'envergure que je n'aurai pas le courage de faire. J'espère que tu prendras autant de plaisir à le faire que nous à l'utiliser. Merci!


TaishoBee 9:21PM | Sun, 21 March 2021

This is amazing, can't wait to see all the add ons for it, too!

lasserine 7:38PM | Sun, 21 March 2021

Thank you


richardandtracy 1:36PM | Sun, 21 March 2021

I do hope it is useful. I have spent quite a long time modelling this, and have learnt a great deal. I suspect that, when it's finished, I'll find I should have taken an entirely different approach... Always the way, though. Next step, improve the user guide, get the starting blocks corrected, and a heap of poses to set it up for the correct lanes, and 100m starting poses. Regards, Richard.


Kilroy Online Now! 1:22PM | Sun, 21 March 2021

Merci, j'avais justement un projet de ce genre en réserve avec les gradins et barrières... 👍🏻

barbzthorpe 12:36PM | Sun, 21 March 2021

WOW! Thank U very much for sharing and will test out later...... Well done Richard! (two thumbs up)