Basic Garden Furniture

3D Models Props Outdoor posted on Feb 13, 2021 231 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

A very simple garden table and chair made from glass or some other transparent material. They use the DAZ Uber iRay glass shader.

There are a couple of morphs. One to raise the table top, one to raise the seat squab and one to tilt the seat back.

Very simple, but they don't look too bad, I think.

One thing to note, the DAZ Uber iRay glass shaders are nearly invisible in many of the preview modes and it's quite difficult to see the models in these modes. It does load and it is normal to have a little difficulty seeing the models in anything other iRay Preview mode, and there are very few facets so they don't show up well in the outlined modes either. If you wish to change to some other shader and swap to iRay green glass shader for the final render, that shouldn't be a problem. There is only one material zone for the table & chair.

They are extremely lightweight on the system. Table: 22 facets. Chair 14 facets.

Hope you find them useful.


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Freestuff Comments

Renascido2018 8:32AM | Thu, 03 June 2021

Thank you, my friend, for donating these items to us. God bless you always!

miketee10021 3:25PM | Wed, 17 February 2021

Thank you!