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May 6, 2007 12:15 am


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Renderosity's Neighborhood News is your weekly guide to current happenings around the site. Stop in each week to see what you may be missing!

~Around the Forums~


The Forum highlight this week is the Bryce Forum.

Coordinator: Zhann

(For WIP reviews, tutorials, resources and Monthly Challenge info visit the Bryce Forum.)April/May Bryce Challenge - "Old Stuff" - Info & Upload Here!

Recent posts in the Bryce Forum:

Bryce 6.1 HDRI Experiments

Get Ready For Another Duel of the Apps!!!!!

Animating materials in Bryce 6

Lyne's Creations New Mil Cat Freebie texture!

Another Present... The Low tech pack

Come start getting the Freebies...

Saving Files

Ivy Generator

Be sure to check out the Bryce Gallery!

Bryce is available in the
Renderosity MarketPlace!


From the Industry News Forum:Mac|Life Honors Corel® Painter(TM) X with Editors' Choice Award

SIGGRAPH Innovations Impact Daily Life


Nancy Gregson Joins NewBay Media as Marketing Director

Video Group Announces 2007 NAB Best of Show Awards


*For more headlines, or to post your company's official press releases, please visit the Renderosity Industry News Forum. 

News from the new Freestuff Forum:

Free Stuff Forum Banner Exchange

The Freebie Forum needs some new Banners from YOU!

  • This is not a contest, everyone is a winner. All banners uploaded during the month of May will be used in rotation for 6 months. At the end of the 6 month period, a new banner exchange will be launched.
  • Banners accepted from May 4th thru June 4th Midnight Renderosity server time.
  • Create a new static Freestuff Forum Banner, it must contain the text "Freestuff Forum"
  • Images may be rendered in any program, but must not contain animations, nudity or violence
  • Current TOS restrictions apply.
  • Post work is permitted.
  • Open to all users
  • Limit: 2 Banners per individual 

Artists grant permission to Renderosity for the use of submitted images for an undetermined period of time. (This is strictly for displaying/keeping the images within the banner archives. ) The Artist will always remain the intellectual property & copyright holder.
Managers: jumpstartme2 and sgt2005

~Forum Gallery Picks~

From the Poser Forum:Staff Picks First Week of May 2007
(Note: these are various gallery picks presented by the Poser Forum Staff. These are not Poser specific.)

From the Photography Forum:Last Week in The Gallery Week 17

From the Fractal Forum:Fractal Window Weekly - April 22-28

(Special note: fractalinda is Renderosity May 2007 Artist of the Month  [Fractal Gallery])


Be sure to check out some of the current running contests/challenges!


Lead Line Photo

2007 Renderosity 
Graphics Contest

RPGs in the Spring!

Battle of the Meshes! May 07 Photography 
Genre Challenge
 - Music!





Will you be there?

There are no polls matching that id.


~Tips of the Week~

Program: Photoshop

Photoshop CS/CS2/CS3 Shortcuts Tips:
Keyboard Shortcuts:
It's a known fact that the Photoshop elite love their keyboard shortcuts. I really can't remember them all though, but I do know/use most of them. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before the average user is bound to ask his or herself, "How can I learn to be a hipster like those Photoshop gurus?" Well, I am not saying these helpful keyboard shortcuts will make you cool, but they can save you a good bit of time while using Photoshop.
There are a mind-numbing amount of shortcuts in Photoshop. Nearly every possible option has a keyboard equivalent (and any that you feel are lacking can be added through the new Keyboard Shortcuts window that can be found at Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts). It would be almost impossible, and certainly not worthwhile to learn every command, so I have made a list of the more important shortcuts to know including all of the menu shortcuts and some other commands. Note the plus (+) sign indicates holding down two or more keys at a time. This list was compiled in reference to Photoshop CS(x)
File Menu
Action                                       Windows                       Mac
New                                          Ctrl+N                           Cmd+N
New Layer                                 Ctrl+Shift+N                  Cmd+Shift+N
Open                                        Ctrl+O                           Cmd+O
Open As                                   Ctrl+Alt+O                     n/a
Close                                        Ctrl+W                          Cmd+W
Close All                                   Ctrl+Shift+W                 Cmd+Shift+W
Save                                         Ctrl+S                           Cmd+S
Save As                                    Ctrl+Shift+S                  Cmd+Shift+S
Save a Copy                              Ctrl+Alt+S                     Cmd+Option+S
Save for Web                             Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S            Cmd+Option+Shift+S
Page Setup                               Ctrl+Shift+P                  Cmd+Shift+P
Print                                         Ctrl+P                           Cmd+P
Exit/Quit                                   Ctrl+Q                           Cmd+Q
Jump to ImageReady                  Ctrl+Shift+M                  Cmd+Shift+M
Help                                          F1                                F1
Edit Menu
Action                                       Windows                       Mac
Undo                                         Ctrl+Z                           Cmd+Z
Step Back in History                  Ctrl+Alt+Z                     Cmd+Option+Z
Step Forward in History              Ctrl+Shift+Z                   Cmd+Shift+Z
Cut                                           Ctrl+X                           Cmd+X
Copy                                         Ctrl+C                          Cmd+C
Copy Merged                             Ctrl+Shift+C                  Cmd+Shift+C
Paste                                        Ctrl+V                          Cmd+V
Paste Into                                 Ctrl+Shift+V                  Cmd+Shift+V
Free Transform                          Ctrl+T                           Cmd+T
Paste Into                                 Ctrl+Shift+V                  Cmd+Shift+V
Keyboard Shortcuts                   Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K            Option+Shift+Cmd+K
Image Menu
Action                                       Windows                       Mac
Adjust Levels                             Ctrl+L                           Cmd+L
Adjust Auto Levels                     Ctrl+Shift+L                   Cmd+Shift+L
Adjust Auto Contrast                  Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L             Cmd+Option+Shift+L
Adjust Curves                            Ctrl+M                          Cmd+M
Adjust Color Balance                  Ctrl+B                          Cmd+B
Adjust Hue/Saturation                Ctrl+U                           Cmd+U
Desaturate                                Ctrl+Shift+U                  Cmd+Shift+U
Invert                                         Ctrl+I                            Cmd+I
Extract                                      Ctrl+Alt+X                     Cmd+Option+X
Layers Menu
Action                                       Windows                       Mac
New Layer                                 Ctrl+Shift+N                  Cmd+Shift+N
Layer via Copy                           Ctrl+J                            Cmd+J
Layer via Cut                             Ctrl+Shift+J                   Cmd+Shift+J
Group with Previous                   Ctrl+G                           Cmd+G
Ungroup                                    Ctrl+Shift+G                  Cmd+Shift+G
Bring to Front                            Ctrl+Shift+]                    Cmd+Shift+]
Bring Forward                            Ctrl+]                            Cmd+]
Send Backward                         Ctrl+[                            Cmd+[
Send Back                                Ctrl+Shift+[                    Cmd+Shift+[
Send Backward                          Ctrl+[                            Cmd+[
Merge Layers                            Ctrl+E                          Cmd+E
Merge Visible                            Ctrl+Shift+E                  Cmd+Shift+E
Select Menu
Action                                       Windows                       Mac
Select All                                  Ctrl+A                           Cmd+A
Deselect                                   Ctrl+D                           Cmd+D
Reselect                                   Ctrl+Shift+D                  Cmd+Shift+D
Inverse                                      Ctrl+Shift+I                    Cmd+Shift+I
Feather                                     Ctrl+Alt+D                     Cmd+Option+D
Filter Menu
Action                                       Windows                       Mac
Last Filter                                  Ctrl+F                           Cmd+F
Fade                                         Ctrl+Shift+F                   Cmd+Shift+F
View Menu     
Action                                       Windows                       Mac
Preview CMYK                           Ctrl+Y                          Cmd+Y
Gamut Warning                         Ctrl+Shift+Y                  Cmd+Shift+Y
Zoom In                                     Ctrl++                           Cmd++
Zoom Out                                  Ctrl+-                            Cmd+-
Zoom In & Resize Window          Ctrl+Alt++                     Cmd+Option++
Zoom Out & Resize Window       Ctrl+Alt+-                      Cmd+Option+-
Fit on Screen                             Ctrl+0                           Cmd+0
Actual Pixels                             Ctrl+Alt+0                     Cmd+Option+0
Hide Edges                               Ctrl+H                           Cmd+H
Show/Hide Target Path               Ctrl+Shift+H                  Cmd+Shift+H
Show/Hide Rulers                      Ctrl+R                           Cmd+R
On/Off Snap                              Ctrl+Shift+;                    Cmd+Shift+;
Show/Hide Extras                      Ctrl+H                           Cmd+H
Lock Guides                              Ctrl+Alt+;                      Cmd+Option+;
Show Guides                             Ctrl+;                            Cmd+;
Show Grid                                 Ctrl+'                             Cmd+'
Misc. Useful Commands
Action                                       Windows                       Mac
Fill with Forground Color             Alt+Backspace              Option+Delete
Fill with Background Color          Shift+Backspace           Shift+Delete
Fill from History                         Ctrl+Alt+Backspace       Cmd+Option+Delete
Move 10 Pixels                          Shift+Arrow Keys           Shift+Arrow Keys
Move a Copy 10 Pixels               Shift+Alt+Arrow Keys     Shift+Alt+Arrow Keys
Increase Font Size by 2              Ctrl+Alt+>                     Cmd+Option+>
Decrease Font Size by 2            Ctrl+Alt+<                     Cmd+Option+<
Increase Font Size by 10            Ctrl+Shift+Alt>               Cmd+Shift+Option>
Decrease Font Size by 10          Ctrl+Shift+Alt+<             Cmd+Shift+Option+<
Ascend through Layers               Alt+]                             Option+]
Descend through Layers             Alt+[                             Option+[
Select Top Layer                        Shift+Alt+]                     Shift+Option+]
Select Bottom Layer                  Shift+Alt+[                     Shift+Option+[
Show/Hide All Palettes               Tab                               Tab

This week's tips are courtesy of nattarious. Be sure to check out his Photoshop tutorials:

Soft Glamour Light Effect

Professional SELECTIVE COLORING Tip To All Rosity Photographers

If you have some tips or tricks you would like to share in future editions of the Neighborhood News, contact Nick. 

What's missing?
If you have any news flashes, forum happenings, or links that should be included in future editions of the "Neighborhood News", please send me an
e-mail and I'll get ya covered.  

May 7, 2007


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