Professional SELECTIVE COLORING Tip To All Rosity Photographers

Skill Level: Beginner / Views: 1849 / System Requirements: Adobe Photoshop/Corel Package For PC and MAC

The fastest professional way of SELECTIVE COLORING! Yes, just 1, 2, 3, 4 and you are 100% done!

nattarious on 5:09PM Tue, 27 March 2007

Professional SELECTIVE COLORING Tip To All Rosity Photographers

Hello To All...

I did upload the same tutorial few days ago in the Photography forum.
So I thought to post it again here one more time for all my friends and all the photographers/Renderosity members who really need to know a big SELECTIVE Coloring TIP for Digital Photography.

Before i start, i want to say, there are many people/friends asked me how I do my SELECTIVE Coloring so fast and the results are so professional. And I was also totally surprised when I knew that many of my friends/members does the Selective Coloring by Duplicating the original COLOURED image, transforming the top layer into black and white and then they use the eraser to erase the un-wanted areas to leave the colour(s) they want!

OMG!! Noooooooooooooooooo... You don't have to go through all this again.. Here are some 5 easy steps, and by practice i bet you will be able to do it in less then a MINUTE!!!

So lets start and see here:

Step 1: Run your photoshop and open any image you want to work with.. I used this one here, and you can download it and start with it as a sample piece:

Tutorial Comments

novin  2:13PM Fri, 14 May 2010

Great tip thanks.

pda041376  8:29PM Mon, 20 April 2009

Ok, seems like it's been awhile since anyone has posted on this(I guess I am a little below the power curve). Excellent, quick and effective tutorial. Many Thanks!

pyerflyrenders  9:50AM Wed, 02 July 2008

Thanks for the tut, it was very easy to understand. :)

MrsRatbag  8:35PM Wed, 18 June 2008

Thank you so much! I've been doing it the WAY hard way, this is so much easier!

divemedic  2:17PM Sat, 03 May 2008

I too have been using PS since v2 and have been spending hrs doing selective color...and as a pro photographer, many many thanks for a wonderful tool !!!!

GraphicMaster  7:22AM Tue, 15 April 2008

Eazy to understand, you make a great teacher.

DaveDavis  3:09PM Sat, 05 April 2008

Excellent tutorial!! I have been using Photoshop since v2 and I never new that LOL Thanks so much Dave

CindeeRoo  10:05AM Fri, 11 January 2008

Awesome! Neat little trick for cool results that I've been trying to figure out, "how do they do that?" for a long time now. And the nice part is that it's not complicated or time consuming. Thanks for sharing. {:O)

BatuCaine  2:32AM Thu, 02 August 2007

That was totally WICKED!!!!! I was like your friends, just bashing away at it making it harder than it had to be! Thank you!

Hawk23  2:32AM Wed, 04 July 2007

Great tip mate, appreciated.

Hawk23  2:32AM Wed, 04 July 2007

Great tip mate, appreciated.

AnnaDia  5:50PM Mon, 23 April 2007

thanks for sharing this! Anna

firstepop  8:33AM Fri, 20 April 2007

Thanks for the tip and your english is fine.

mommo  10:17PM Wed, 11 April 2007

Excelent. Thanks!

TheSecond  10:02AM Tue, 03 April 2007

perfect tutorial ... mine is not good enough :( still no approval ... but this is clear and easy ... very nice

marren  7:57PM Wed, 28 March 2007

thank you so much for a very enlightening turorial.

deadwarrior  3:54PM Wed, 28 March 2007

For a newbie in PS, this a terrific Tut. Well written and concise. Thank you very Much. Jacques

nattarious  8:08PM Tue, 27 March 2007

Thank you so much Bobby :) Its really appreciated my friend.. I will make another one this weekend ready for another upload :) Thank you once again and hope the members will see it useful. JOE

bobbystahr  6:46PM Tue, 27 March 2007

Full marks for a very clear tute JOE