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May 24, 2010 12:12 am

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Meet Renderosity Bryce Artist, Vorban

Vorban is a talented, self-taught artist from Poland who has published nearly 60 images since joining Renderosity in 2005. His work with Bryce, in particular, has produced truly amazing landscapes which have earned nearly 12,000 views. One of his works, "Like a Bird," was extremely well received in his gallery.

Vorban's "Like a Bird" image created in Bryce

The immediacy of the image is what first strikes you; it's as if you are an explorer of an ancient ruin and have accidentally disturbed a flock of crows who are flying about, perhaps even attacking you. Created in Wings3D, with textures and rendering in Bryce, the quality of the image is remarkable. The mood created with the late-afternoon lighting is ominous, and the choice of placing one of the birds in the immediate foreground is perfect as it adds to the sense of spontaneity that infuses the entire image. You almost get the sense that "Like a Bird" is more of a photograph than a CG image. And that's not an effect easily created. Vorban's talent is so clear in this image and it's one of my favorites.

Vorban's images are drawn a good deal from Science-Fiction, both cinematic and literary, and from architectural drawings like those of Antoni Gaudi. You can see this in his choice of landscapes and that which one would see in a Sci-Fi film. Future urban cityscapes, women warriors, vehicles, ruined cities and weapons dominate his images, although there are several that indicate his imagination is more playful than the darker images he primarily features in his gallery.

I love the simplicity of his "Quiet Place" artwork created in Bryce and Paint. Clearly drawn on the Hobbit burrows from Tolkien, Vorban has added a darker color scheme to the traditional representations of these dwellings. He's also framed the image using more plants and leaves than others artists have used. These holes look lived-in and real. I'm also fond of his "breake:)" image. Created entirely in Bryce, there is a simplicity and whimsical mood to the whole image that is just marvelous.

"Quiet Place" is one of Vorban's more playful images

"Vanessa" is Vorban's most favored image, and looking at it closely you can see why: it's a very detailed portrait of a future cityscape that would be right at home on a contemporary Sci-Fi cover, or as a conceptual drawing for a film. Created in Bryce using textures from, Vorban has once again added a sense of spontaneity and realism to the image so you have the feeling that the city has been captured photographically. You can almost hear the sound of the city. This combination of technical skill and imagination is what makes Vorban such an interesting artist.

"Vanessa" is Vorban's most favored image at Renderosity

I had the pleasure of conducting a short interview with Vorban this last week. I'm very grateful to him for taking the time to answer my questions and, in particular, to his sister, who helped him with some of his English. My only regret is that I couldn't actually spend time with him at his home or at a restaurant where he lives. I suspect we share many of the same interests (old abandoned buildings, Sci-Fi books and illustrations, history) and only a long, post dinner conversation can really bring out the stories and ideas and cement a friendship.

Ricky Grove: The image that is a favorite at Renderosity is "Vanessa." Can you tell me how this image came about? What tools did you use? Did you achieve what you set out to do?

Vorban: "Vanessa" isn`t my favorite work, so I am a bit surprised that you have chosen this one. Nothing concrete has inspired me to create "Vanessa," only my predilection for Sci-Fi and technology. I like this kind of scenery as far as I remember though.

I use only Bryce (symmetrical lattice) to do this simple scenery. I can`t say that I achieved what I wanted because I didn`t have specific expectations. I was doing this work only for fun and pleasure.

Ricky Grove: What kind of art do you find interesting? Who are some of the artist that you admire and take inspiration from?

Vorban: My imagination has been formed by Sci-Fi and fantasy, and I always look for some unreal things and moods. I`m not interested in art in general, but I admire creators who break the limits of reality, like Antonio Gaudi. His drawings of Sagrada Familia are perfect.

Ricky Grove: Your work often focuses on landscapes and cityscapes using Bryce; what do you find so interesting in large scenes like these? Why do you use Bryce? What other tools (software) do you use?

Vorban: Why do I use Bryce? Because it is easy to use and it gives me satisfaction and fun. It allows me to achieve good effects with the least amount of work. I also use free software, for example: Wings 3D , GIMP and Kerkythea. And I use a PC.

Ricky Grove: Where did you grow up? Have you had any schooling in art, or are you self taught?

Vorban: I grew up in a small village, but, in opposition to my childhood reminiscences, I'm interested in urban scenes with modern or old-industrial architecture (an old-industrial architecture I can see in my town: the giant German ruins of a Synthetic Fuel Factory from the Second World War).

I didn't attend any art schools. I am self-taught.

Ricky Grove: Do you read very much? What are some of your favorite authors?

Vorban: When I was a teenager, I read almost exclusively Sci-Fi (especially Stanislaw Lem, Isaac Asimov, H.P. Lovecraft), and I watched these kinds of films. Nowadays, I read less, but I am faithful to my favorite writers and themes.

Ricky Grove: What do you think of Renderosity? Have you found it a fun place to show your work?

Vorban: Renderosity is a splendid place to show professional works, and works made by amateurs like me. It is a great place, especially for amateurs. We learn from watching the professionals.

Ricky Grove: Lastly, has your artwork changed much over the years? Where do you hope to take your art in the future?

Vorban: Maybe there are some changes in the technical side of my work. I hope that every new work gives me new experiences, and some day I`ll tell myself: "Yes, this is good work." And that is all that I think about the future. I enjoy spending my time on Renderosity, and that`s all (for now).

Vorban's B-29 factory ruins model

You can see Vorban's full gallery here. I also find it interesting that the "Syntheic Fuel Factory" ruins he mentioned looks very much like a model he has for sale in his Renderosity store. Sure is excellent work. He's got a few other items of high quality for sale as well.

No question, Vorban is an artist to watch. His talent and skill are obvious to all who spend time in his gallery. We appreciate his allowing us to profile him on the Renderosity front page.

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Ricky Grove [gToon], Staff Columnist with the Renderosity Front Page News. Ricky Grove is a bookstore clerk at the best bookstore in Los Angeles, the Iliad Bookshop. He's also an actor and machinima filmmaker. He lives with author, Lisa Morton, and three very individual cats. Ricky is into Hong Kong films, FPS shooters, experimental anything and reading, reading, reading. You can catch his blog here.
May 24, 2010

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Article Comments

Anagord ( posted at 2:59AM Wed, 26 May 2010

Hi Ricky, Your work is fantastic.

gToon ( posted at 9:23PM Thu, 27 May 2010

Thanks for your comment, Anagord. Remember though, the artwork is by Vorban. And, I agree, his work is fantastic.

WorldbuilderMedia ( posted at 3:35PM Mon, 31 May 2010

Vorban, your art is stunning. Hope to see more from you!

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