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So Much Stuff Render Contest (Unofficial - Prizes Available!)

DAZ|Studio Challenge posted on Aug 01, 2023
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Members remain the original copyright holder in all their materials here at Renderosity. Use of any of their material inconsistent with the terms and conditions set forth is prohibited and is considered an infringement of the copyrights of the respective holders unless specially stated otherwise.


Renderosity has so many amazing products to offer by talented artists. This contest is an opportunity to showcase them. Create an image including as many Renderosity products as you can (paid or free) in a creative way. Theme otherwise is up to you! You can submit your entry either in a comment on the gallery image of this contest or on one of the three forum posts located in Challenge Arena, Community Center, and Freestuff forums. Please include the title of your piece with the link in your comment so I can still locate your entry in your gallery even if the link doesn’t work. Contest runs from August 1,2023 to August 31, 2023. Judging will begin on September 1, 2023 and winners announced in early September. Prizes will be given out after that when CHMedia is able to – thank you CHMedia for donating the prizes! Prizes (generously donated by CHMedia, thank you :)): First Place: 500 points (equivalent to $5 on here) Second Place: 300 points (equivalent to $3 on here) Third Place: 100 points (equivalent to $1 on here) Judge: APlusDesign (aka myself) Judgement will be based on three major things: quality, creativity, and ability to showcase as many Renderosity products (paid or free) as possible but still having one coherent image (aka looking like each product adds to what you are trying to depict in the image as opposed to looking like you just threw it in there to up the product count). Full Rules: 1) Any of the site’s TOS/rules, gallery TOS/rules, etc. apply to this contest and your entry 2) Entry must be your original work 3) No AI art permitted 4) Entry must have at least 5 Renderosity products in it (paid or free). For paid items please credit them in the production credits. Free items please list the name of the item and link to them in the description. 5) Entry can have a max of 5 products that are not Renderosity products (paid or free). Please list what items they are and where you got it from – do not link to them. 6) Entry can have an unlimited number of neutral products (products that are base characters in a non-Renderosity product (for example: genesis), products you made yourself that are not available for free/sale anywhere (for example: a photo you took), items that are no longer in existence that were from Renderosity (for example: free items that are not linkable but came from Renderosity). Paid items even if not purchasable if you can link to it still counts as a Renderosity product not as a neutral product. Links not required for neutral products, but please still list what they are. 7) Products used must be clear to the viewer even if they do not own the product. Kitbashing is allowed but a product must be recognizable. It also has to be a part of the product that can be recognized by a viewer who does not own the product. If you have to buy or download the product in order to see it is part of the product then it may be excluded. AKA I have to be able to verify this indeed comes from the product you are linking to without buying it or downloading it. 8) Only one entry per person 9) Entry must be uploaded to the gallery and then submitted in the comments one of the three forum posts in Challenge Arena, Community Center, and Freestuff or on this gallery image in the comments. Entry submission in the comments must have a link to your entry plus the tile (so I can still locate it if the link doesn’t work) 10) Entry must not require a flag. I would like everyone to be able to see all entries so please nothing that would need a flag. AKA no entries that would require profanity, violence or nudity tags 11) Any render engine is acceptable for use 12) Entries should be new, not previously posted before the start of this contest 13) No purchase necessary to participate in the contest If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! I also have the right to update the rules if I made a mistake (hopefully I didn't!)

Production Credits

Robo Elf
$3.25 USD
Exnem's Bread
$12.00 USD 30% Off
$8.40 USD
3DS Addison G2
$14.49 USD 30% Off
$10.14 USD
Gigli Halloween - Ghost
$5.00 USD 50% Off
$2.50 USD
House on a rock
$7.50 USD 30% Off
$5.25 USD
KX Wibi
$14.99 USD
$12.95 USD 50% Off
$6.48 USD
Deco Set 1
$10.50 USD 55% Off
$4.73 USD
Santa Muerte
$16.95 USD
$14.99 USD 55% Off
$6.75 USD
C. Rabbit
$18.95 USD 55% Off
$8.53 USD
$14.99 USD 55% Off
$6.75 USD
$16.95 USD 55% Off
$7.63 USD
$14.95 USD 55% Off
$6.73 USD
$17.95 USD 55% Off
$8.08 USD
$16.95 USD 55% Off
$7.63 USD
Nibbles Bloodfang
$14.95 USD 55% Off
$6.73 USD
Police sports car for Daz and Poser
$22.00 USD 30% Off
$15.40 USD
$18.95 USD 55% Off
$8.53 USD
Stocking Stuffer
$16.95 USD 55% Off
$7.63 USD
$18.95 USD 55% Off
$8.53 USD
$16.95 USD 55% Off
$7.63 USD
$16.95 USD 55% Off
$7.63 USD

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7:32AM | Wed, 02 August 2023

Great idea ! Yçur image is a perfect example for your contest...


9:29AM | Wed, 02 August 2023

Thank you! :) Hope to see you at the contest later!



8:53AM | Sat, 05 August 2023

Really a beautiful idea!! But I think it will be difficult to create a more beautiful image than yours!!!


4:02PM | Sat, 05 August 2023

Ah, you flatter me too much! You make great work too :) I hope to see you at the contest later



3:11PM | Sat, 12 August 2023

This is a really cool idea! Here's my entry :)


10:09AM | Sun, 13 August 2023

Thank you, and thank you for entering! :)



8:52AM | Thu, 31 August 2023

Hey I am joining too.

0 Shop Moving PinkCloudSlippers V01 01 by PinkCloudSlippers

It was a fun contest, thank you for making that one up! Gosh(a) what a lot of work! But I had super fun with this.



9:41AM | Thu, 31 August 2023

Thanks for joining in! Glad you had lots of fun :)



12:05PM | Mon, 18 September 2023

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