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Girls From TNA: Breitlenger Caper Ch 3 P11 pt 1

Mixed Medium Story/Sequential posted on Aug 23, 2012

Contains profanity

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This artwork contains mature content: profanity.

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Here comes a double-dose of TNA for all the Girls' fans! Page 11 just has too much stuff for one upload (especially at the paltry half-meg Rendo allows). This was a real marathon, creating both of these pages, but I really love doing this! I hope you enjoy it, too! There's a lot more coming in Chapter 3, and I'm working on Chapter 4, which I hope to start around the first of 2013. I am also trying to figure out how to keep the quality halfway acceptable, and still fit into the meager 512K limit. It was a real battle getting Page 11 (part 1 and part 2) down to 512K. Anyway - I'm considering making the pages a little smaller - right now they are 1000 pixels wide by 3000 or so high. What do you think? Is the quality acceptable at this size, or should I go a bit smaller? You can see a higher resolution version at the TNA Website HERE. As always, thanks so much for visiting, and any comments you wish to leave! I appreciate it so much, as well as all your wonderful art!

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Comments (29)



12:45PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

LOL! I LOVE this! Can't wait to see the girls get outta this one!! ;) As for image size-quality...If you use Photoshop, do a File - Save for Web & Devices. You can compress the image to less than 512 kb and still retain a lot of quality... HUGZ!!



12:47PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

You did a fantastic job as always Rod, congratulations on another great chapter in the series. The girls were really up to their necks in it this time and I got a chuckle out of the back and forth as they made their way through the sewers. I think you've done an excellent job maintaining the quality despite the limitations



1:09PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

I am loving it. Thanks. 5+!



1:23PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

Go ahead and keep the size the same, and continue to provide links to the higher res images on your website. That works great! LOVED getting a bot this morning for two TNA pages from you! :) This is great. Your artwork is amazing, your story line is engaging and engrossing, and I'm off to view the second page. Yay! :D



1:31PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

I love and like this work Rod, excellent done.



1:37PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

i love this one please dont barf its deep enough does that means she can vomit m3??drwoning in poo??: well there was this man who came into hell. devil says "we have 3 rooms of wich you can choose one". "ok" says the lad they visit room number one.all kinds of tortures take place. "nothing for me" thinks the lad they go to room number two and see people get the finger and toenail rippet out. "ouch not for me" says laddie they come to room number three a whole bunch of people stand shoulder deep in the crap. "well i can come along" thinks laddie boy. "i take this one" he says "Sure"?? "yeah sure i can handle this ". five minutes later devil walks in and shouts "coffeebreak is over guys sit down" lol.



1:54PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

zoomtastic Rod, love the work you did. that water looks like chit, poor girls, myself i would have lost it at my feet. can only imagine that smell. love the props, very sewer looking indeed. too much in your mouth? uugh! killer job my friend. totally enjoyed this page and zoom, now gotta see the other part.. hope they make it, but i know they will, your not eneding their contracts yet..



2:01PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

I'm ready to barf just watching them. That water effect is awesome..The girls sure get themselves into some predicatments..



2:05PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

Five fabulous frames for us! Great lead up to whatever I find the girls doing in your next post to escape this crappy situation. The sewer's architect deserves lots of kudos for designing this brick masterpiece...arches and all reminds me of a few old world churches I've visited. Lighting and dialogue is superb. On to the next... Great job.



2:36PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

I like waht Tara said - that would work for all of us! sounds like they are up Sh!t creek and no paddle



3:49PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!! Dang, I hope they have hot running water at home! ;}~



3:52PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

This is great. Too funny. Loved everything the girls said. Kept me very interested. Can't wait to see what's next. Excellent work Rod. Thanks for keeping this up for all us.



4:22PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!!!!!! Our POOR HEROINES!!!! But, you have some great humor in this Rod!! LOL!! "I don't remember this being in my contract"?!!! Looks like SOMEBODY didn't read the fine print!! LOL! This is AWESOME Rod! Myself ... I like the way you have it right now. The size is perfect - not too big for the monitor and yet not too small either. Also, the quality looks excellent to me!



6:28PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

Ewww.. okay, I have to say, that is a brilliant job on the poo water with awesome slimy sludgy stuff.. gross! LOL, but that is the point, right. Poor girls, I hope they got a hell of a bonus for having to do that shot. :D Awesome story and work!



7:11PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

Excellent slimy, nasty sludge and some great lines, Rod! That would be awful!!! Feeling and smelling their pain. Hope they can get out without swallowing any of that nastiness. This size and res looks fine to me.



7:13PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

Oh no!!!...careful the poo rises fast!!....I knew something like this would happen! but they'll get out of this, though I don't think any of there training could have perpared them for some thing like this....... Awesome story!!



7:32PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

Rod, you made this just thoroughly disgusting! Excellent work. Such detail in the water was ready to make me gag. Excellent work and chapter. Now on to see what happens next.



9:02PM | Thu, 23 August 2012

The girls are in a real dilemma now and how ghastly that water looks. I do feel for them trying to get out of that sh... An excellent episode with amazing detail and a great story line to go with it. Yuk, the smell.....



2:48AM | Fri, 24 August 2012

Excellent scenes!



3:43AM | Fri, 24 August 2012

Oh man! Talk about being in the sh*t... literally! Death By Poo is not the dignified of ends! I really hope they can avoid such a fate!



4:34AM | Fri, 24 August 2012

Oh crap what a stink job they have its really gone down the toilet this time. Love it, but I wouldn't fancy swimming in it... This size seems great Rod I like it..



4:34AM | Fri, 24 August 2012

Lol - this smels.....! uper pieces of your artwork Rod, just love it!



10:55AM | Fri, 24 August 2012




4:32PM | Sat, 25 August 2012

wonderful story . images is good to me.



11:56PM | Mon, 27 August 2012

Really good job of a poo job. It is so gross. I love the lines, I think I'm gonna barf with the rejoinder "Please don't it's getting deep enough already." That's about what I would expect from those two. And "Could it get any worse?" "Never ask that question" Those are classics. I think the quality is fine as is. It's a comic strip. No one is expecting Pixeluna or Madelirium quality knock offs here. It's the nature of the genre. You are doing fine. Relax.



12:39AM | Sat, 08 September 2012

Superb sequence of images, very well constructed work! Congratulations!



6:50PM | Wed, 12 December 2012

759 in count down till I am here never more. Liked your render.



8:36PM | Fri, 26 August 2016

Pretty sure this WON'T show up in T.N.A.'s recruiting material. So how long did Ar and G4 give you dirty looks for this, Rod? ;)



10:36PM | Fri, 24 February 2017

Well you referenced this in your latest, so I had to comment on it. Man, you create atmosphere! I mean the first 3 frames are doused in deep reds and yellow undertones, with real light. Ironic, considering what they're wading in! Great use of a really rich brick wall and those wooden posts. Plus all the clunky things in the sludge! (So how do they get big steel drums down a toilet, lol?) The 3d frame, with the two wading breast deep? A real killer. It feels like just what it is: 2 beautiful woman wading in ____. Frames 4 and 5 are more greens and dark shadows; and man you have some heavy objects in there, including a little tide pool of refuse in frame 4. And they're almost drowning! And great dialogue too---I can honestly say that I've never written dialogue breast-deep in excrement. Of course, I'm coming in in the middle, here, so I don't know what that 'sound' is---but frankly, after wading in this chapter, I'm not too concerned. Great images, you really tell a story with your hues, atmosphere, your architecture, etc. (That's a good looking sewer! Why is it old sewers have more class than a lot of modern buildings???) Terrific chapter, Rod. Now to your most recent one...

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